Wednesday, 2020-09-02

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rinigus@ol: idea behind basing Nemo on fedora is that we don't need to package software that is already packaged. Such as gcc, qt, and much more04:34
r0kk3rzrinigus: iirc there was an effort to put the nemo ux on top of postmarketos04:34
r0kk3rzwhich might be a better fit04:34
rinigusNot sure. pmOS doesn't have systemd, don't know whether mce and friends are packaged there. In this respect, fedora is way closer to sfos04:36
rinigusWe are also familiar with OBS. Let's see where we get in a week or two04:39
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attahYou know you screwed up your app when the computer showing the debug output ramps up its fans...19:27
Nico[m]Yeah, that sounds like an issue19:28
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