Saturday, 2020-09-12

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piggzattah: hows the share to sea print coming on?14:57
piggzim about to see if sea print beats canon's own android app14:57
attahpiggz: alive and well, it seems14:57
piggzattah: is it on openrepos?14:58
attahNo, sorry14:58
attahI have yet to figure out what the proper distribution channel is... and input is welcome14:59
piggzattah: well done, it beats canon's own app on android ... my daugher was wanting to print photos from her phone, and it just wouldnt work ... emailed them to me and it works fine15:00
attahDid you print with jpeg as the transfer format, or some raster?15:02
piggzno idea, whatever was default...15:03
attahthat's depend on what the printer is capable of15:03
piggzits auto-sense ... and printer claims pdf/jpeg/png15:03
piggzaccording to the entry15:03
attahis there jpeg in the list of options for transfer format?15:04
piggzjpg, urf-raster and pwg-raster15:04
attahThen their app has no excuse to suck15:05
attahSeaPrint didn't even touch the image, just beamed it over15:05
piggzyeah, youd think their own app should work ... seems to get stuck spooling15:05
piggzbut now i have to print all my daugheters crappy photos15:06
attahFeel free to port it to Android, and call it LandPrint15:07
attahOn a more serious note, I think the built-in printing in Android should work... there is apparently also CUPS15:09
attah"Default Print Service"15:11
piggzattah: yeah, that one actually does work15:16
piggzbut prints with border, so shses not as happy :D15:17
attahSeaPrint isn't even trying to understand borders.. the image just get chopped off if the printer can't print to the edge15:18
attahor if it is just two borders, you'd see the same with raster conversion, unless the aspect ratio is spot on15:20
piggzattah: nice, ill try it15:37
piggzif i can fix this geck-dev problem!15:37
attahI don't know how this Openrepos is supposed to be used... but hey, if it helps people15:38
piggzattah: all the apps that fail validation15:40
piggzand, quicker updates15:40
attahYeah, that part i get15:40
piggzi pretty much only use open repos ... but maybe thats my apps15:41
attahBut i'm lacking experience... and i do think the sharing plugin will bascially never get updates15:41
attahIm wondering if it could be neat to have the sharing plugin depend on, or even require SeaPrint... it seems to work, but will e.g. Storeman like that?17:06
attahHmm, recommends doesn't seem to exist... but hard requirement then?17:07
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