Sunday, 2020-09-13

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attahAny ideas what i might have screwed up when my Docker build job fails to find the build target?13:49
attah(with loads of extra debug crap)13:49
bionade24attah: With OpenRepos you can have dependencies like in a normal Linux Package manager.14:11
attahregarding the question from yesterday?14:11
attahBut how much of a package terrorist am I if they are cross-repo, i.e. the plugin depends on SeaPrint in store?14:13
bionade24attah: What would you think if Debian will say you now have to install $programming_lang_depmanager to get the deps of $program resolved otherwise it won't work?14:19
bionade24attah: If you would still feel fine I'll promise if the interest is large enough there will be a lynchmob ;)14:19
attahI don't really feel the example is that similar... and the alternative is no dependency14:20
attah(and 90% if not 99% would already have the store repo enabled, no?)14:21
bionade24attah: The Jolla store doesn't have a repo, so you can't resolve it. I can only speak for myself, but I barely look into the Jolla Store but mostly into OpenRepos as most updates are from there.14:23
attahWell, it worked just fine for me when i tested yesterday... but maybe there is some local cache?14:24
attahAnd i don't see how it relates to where people look, as the dependency would get rid of exactly that part14:25
bionade24attah: You haven't had installed your app on your device, but listed it as a dep for your share plugin and it got installed? Or did you had just no deps14:26
attahI uninstalled SeaPrint, and the sharing plugin. Then installed the sharing plugin from local disk, it pulled in SeaPrint from store14:27
attahStore was slightly confused until reboot :P14:27
bionade24attah: No clue how the store works internally, but when I search for pkgs I'm not even finding pkgs I once had installed. What you want to do is just very inconvinient. How does the plugin even behave without SeaPrint installed?14:32
attahit probably does exactly nothing14:33
attahso barring double-publishing SeaPrint, what would be the correct course of action?14:34
bionade24attah: Or does it crash? It just really will annoy but probably a small amount of users that find the share plugin first.14:34
bionade24attah: Yeah, they won't conflict.14:35
attahso you basically suggest doing what i said to not consider?14:40
zaggynlhas anyone got backup to nextcloud working? it fails for me, log isn't very useful:
zaggynlit's weird as calendar and contacts appear to be working fine15:02
malunusually useless error message15:02
zaggynlseems to be related to
zaggynlsailfishos integration appears broken on host.tld/nextcloud but works on
zaggynlI've left a bugreport at
attahpiggz: Maybe this works better?
attahnvm, sorry for ping... i think i need to get checked for senility, it was not you, nor here15:30
piggzattah: heh15:42

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