Wednesday, 2020-09-16

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munchausenAhoy! I just got a new xperia 10 and have sailfish X on it (full version)12:46
munchausenI am having a problem with the remote access and devel-su password12:47
munchausenNo matter if I set a password (in Developer tools) or generate one I can neither ssh to the phone over USB ("nemo@'s password: " "Permission denied, please try again") nor can I access root with devel-su ("Auth failed")12:49
munchausenOddly I can change the password from the console, which asks for the current password, and I just enter the one from the Developer tools page, whether generated or set by me that part works12:49
munchausenI want to update to but the GUI updater failed (download worked but after trying to install I get an error), so I was following the guide to update from terminal
munchausenCould anyone suggest to me how to get the PW working?12:51
munchausenI have also done a reboot BTW, which has not helped12:51
maldid you enable the remote connection in developer mode settings?12:55
maland maybe reconnect usb after enabling that12:55
munchausenYeah I've done both those things13:03
munchausenAn ssh server is clearly running because when I have remote connection disabled I get connection refused if I try to ssh (as you'd expect)13:07
malquite strange13:10
maland the usb mode is correct?13:10
malI would assume it is if you can see the device on host13:11
spiiroinmunchausen: new device + old hiccup perhaps... did you reboot after enabling developer mode?13:11
spiirointhere is/was something wrong with enabling developer for the 1st time after flashing13:12
spiiroinoh, reboot was already mentioned13:12
munchausenmal Yeah I can ping the device when the cable is and can't when it is out... my IP address for usb0 is on the same subnet13:13
munchausenspiiroin I will try another reboot to be sure13:13
spiiroinyou ran that devel-su locally? and it did not work? hints -> not usb mode / networking problem13:17
spiiroinfreshly flashed device... is the username still "nemo"?13:18
munchausenYeah I did run devel-su locally13:19
spiiroinmunchausen: and "whoami" says nemo? when executed locally on device13:19
munchausenI didn't flash this... it was bought from ebay with the current version of sailfish X free already installed, and wiped back to factory settings.13:19
munchausenspiiroin just checking username13:19
munchausenYep, I am nemo13:21
munchausenSo I have bought the full version of sailfish X and added my Jolla account when I did the initial device setup13:22
munchausenI have tried just setting a single character username and even that doesn't work13:23
munchausenI mean password, not username, sorry13:23
munchausenDo I need to re-flash it perhaps?13:24
munchausenIt just arrived today so I have not installed anything yet13:24
munchausenJust tried setting my password to "a" from developer tools, changing it to "b" from terminal with passwd, devel-su still fails13:29
maldoes journalctl tell anything?13:44
munchausenI decided just to try flashing to the latest13:45
munchausenI was about to start. Would you like me to continue trying to debug it?13:45
malyou decide which way you want to do it13:47
PaulePanterHi. My Jolla phone display is partly broken, so I am unable to press the confirm button (✔) for unlocking the SIM card.13:51
PaulePanterIs there a way to do it on the command line?13:51
munchausenmal and spiiroin thanks for your help in any case. I'm going to try flashing it13:52
* PaulePanter also would like screen rotation be enabled for all these kind of dialogues too.13:52
munchausenArgh, ok flashing is not going well either. I have no USB2 ports and have this problem
munchausenmal updated now (from another machine with USB2) and dev mode is working fine15:00
munchausenspiiroin ^15:00
munchausenThank you both for assistance anyhow15:00
malmunchausen: good that it works now15:23
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attahAny ideas on how to pull the pins on the tablet battery connector?19:16
PaulePanterHi. My Jolla phone display is partly broken, so I am unable to press the confirm button (✔) for unlocking the SIM card.21:01
PaulePanterIs there a way to do it on the command line?21:01
malnot sure, needs some thinking, there is probably some way to send touchscreen events from command line but not sure of the details21:06
x2sI wonder, is there vnc server app for remote controlling the display?21:25

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