Thursday, 2020-09-17

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PaulePanterHi. My Jolla phone display is partly broken, so I am unable to press the confirm button (✔) for unlocking the SIM card.06:19
PaulePanterIs there a way to do it on the command line?06:19
PaulePanterI guess there is a D-Bus(?) interface, one could use?06:19
PaulePanterIs there documentation?06:19
PaulePanterThank you regarding the answers, that it should be possible an the CLI and regarding VNC. I couldn’t implement them though, as I didn’t find solutions for it.06:20
spiiroinPaulePanter: untested, requires root etc, but: you might record event sequence for a tap from touch input device, edit the coordinates to match correct are and then write it back to input device07:19
munchausenPaulePanter can you get a replacement touch panel/LCD assembly?08:43
munchausenThought I'd check here... has anyone tried MS teams on SF? I can make calls but there is a strange audio issue. Incoming calls I don't get any notifications for, but I don't know if I need to change something in the androidnotificationpriorities file. Or perhaps it needs google play services16:14
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