Friday, 2020-09-18

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Triztmunchausen: ain't teams client justa chromium with one specific website it connects to.08:44
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munchausenTrizt No idea, probably. But it also has to handle incoming call and message notifications so there must be a bit more to it than that I'd have thought16:33
pais there a way to find imei/imsi of the simcard in the phone?17:19
x2sthe IMEI is listed in the configuration in product information17:22
pax2s, phone imei right?17:25
pahow about simcard imei/imsi?17:25
x2sthen probably by using some of the codes17:30
x2slooks like the IMSI code needs an AT command.17:35
x2sbut I cant figure out right now how or where to send some.17:39
x2sIs there a modem interface available somewhere?17:39
pax2s, not sure.. how would i connect to a modem in linux these days?17:43
paso it seems AT+CGSN is for imei17:52
paunsure about imsi17:52
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x2spa: CIMI iirc19:27
x2sMSISDN is CNUM19:28
paaha thank you!19:51

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