Wednesday, 2020-09-23

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AnaskoI am trying to choose a perfect music player for Sailfish OS. Jolla's is closed source, splits albums by artist (that's a widespread issue on Sailfish OS, it seems; it wasn't so on Maemo 5 Fremantle), nice but not GUI, doesn't have "edit tags" functionality (perhaps, that should be delegated to a different app)21:27
Nico[m]I like QuasarMX, but doesn't sound like that would fit you21:28
AnaskoSirenSong is open-source, doesn't seem to have such a thing as list of albums, GUI is probably not well-suited for large number of tracks.21:30
Anaskonice but not perfect * GUI about Jolla's21:30
AnaskoI can try QuasarMX Lite, to see what it is like...21:31
Nico[m]lite is fine, it just doesn't allow you to use multiple collections and locks some EQ settings, iirc21:32
Nico[m]I have my license since my N9 days :D21:32
AnaskoDeadBeef Silica doesn't care about file metadata or tracking at all - just "open files or folders" option21:32
AnaskoUnplayer: open-source, still splits albums by artists, doesb't seem to be able to show currently playing queue, can (for better or for worse) edit tags, GUI is about as good as Jolla's.22:46
AnaskoDaedalus: open-source, still splits albums by artists, works well with tracker (just like Jolla's and SirenSong; unlike DeadBeef Silica and Unplayer)22:48
AnaskoUnplayer only notices files in Music directory22:48
AnaskoDaedalus has nice GUI (large icon view for albums, artists and such, even in currently playing queue)22:49
AnaskoDaedalus doesn't edit tags. Daedalus has options for GUI (grid vs list, whether to show covers in playlist)22:51
AnaskoIn short, Daedalus is the best! Just fix bugs (with album art, artist art, album title), split away as an optional plug-in, and add an option for music player to call music tags editor through Edit tags.22:53
AnaskoOh, and Unplayer has nice Library (all songs on device by artists, albums or whatever), Playlists, Directory, Open URL. Could put this functionality into Daedalus, as well... Maybe.22:56
AnaskoTo be fair, editing tags in Music Player seems to be "more convenient" than splitting this functionality away. Because what if I want to rename a whole album? Music Player already has functionality for grouping files by albums, sounds inefficient to repeat this functionality in tags editor.22:59
AnaskoOr, tags editor could be a minimalistic program that is told by Music Player "You know, user wants to edit tags of files XYZ simultaneously, go into batch edit mode"23:01
AnaskoAnd if called by itself, tags editor would just say "User, go pick the file(s) you want to edit with filepicker"23:01
WikiwideIn short, I should read Daedalus logs. I can get it to segmentation fault easily when attempting to open an album; probably problem with Unicode - don't know for sure.23:22

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