Thursday, 2020-09-24

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guest314All - I am trying to understand the various components for SailfishOS, including Linux boot, shell, UI layer etc.  While I found Linux-From-Scratch for Linux in general, I could not find a good reference to understand SailfishOS better.02:51
guest314Is there a reading list for experienced SFOS team members suggest that I go through02:52
Wikiwideguest314: ?02:55
r0kk3rzAnasko: sirensong does have album list03:26
r0kk3rzadditional library views are fairly easy to implement03:27
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Wikiwider0kk3rz: Where is the album list in sirensong? In my case, it opens with library's "Sort by Song" (where you can select a letter of the alphabet to see all songs with titles starting from said letter), there is also sort by artist (I still haven't figured out how that works), there is also Search (searches in both titles of songs and names of04:00
Wikiwideartists?). Version 0.6-10.10.104:00
r0kk3rzartist view should go artist > album > song04:08
r0kk3rzbut it is a bit buggy depending on what tracker makes of your library04:09
r0kk3rzbut it does make the assumption that an album only has one artist04:09
OksanaThis assumption is far from valid in my case. See "Jazz 20s by Gathacol Radio" for example - from archive.org04:11
r0kk3rzit should be possible to make queries for that kind of thing04:15
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guest314Thank you Wikiwide. The wiki articles assume some background knowledge of Linux on mobile phones; but for someone like me who is more aware of application development and wanting to learn about mobile Linux, I could not find a good reference04:27
r0kk3rzif you have questions about a specific subsystem, just ask04:35
guest314Thank you for the offer; I was looking to do some reading + trying out before I ask questions. I was looking at Pure.ism and SailfishOS to learn few things about Linux on mobile-phones04:48
guest314I will try to do that from the references you all shared04:48
r0kk3rzin case you read the logs, theres basically zero in common between pureos and sailfishos04:51
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elros1If anyone still use depecher and notice crashes on some channels then this version might help:

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