Monday, 2020-09-28

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WikiwideHow do I get libgcrypt onto Sailfish to install Wireshark?06:22
WikiwideBecause brother has two weeks of school holidays, he could be playing Lego and reading paper books, but nooo, he is burrowing away in a dark corner of the room to "read digital books" on iPad. And given a tiny piece of sound I have heard from iPad, he is probably watching videos. Anyway, too much screen time and breeding ground for lies.06:29
OksanaAh well, maybe, he stumbled upon an audio book this time, and I am too paranoid. I have noticed him watching videos under pretence of playing lichess way too many times to be trusting.06:41
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bc_systemHi. We're trying to build an application with python and QML, and it's not finding the requests module for some reason. Which is very much the sort of thing we'd expect any substantial python installation to come with. What's the best way to get it the dependency it needs? We're completely new to developing for Sailfish so we're a little lost.10:32
ViGebc_system: The answer is "it depends" - could you tell us a bit more about your project?11:14
bc_systemThis is basically just trying to hook up a user interface and some pretty trivial logic to an external API by way of some python code we've already written for that purpose. Not too much to say, I think. It should be pretty self-contained and simple. The requests library should be the only dependency not already11:18
bc_systemIs there anything in particular you'd like to know?11:18
bc_systemLooks like my message got cut off. "not already there."11:19
ViGeWhat is the target audience for your app? Is this something to be released in Jolla Store, or openrepos, or somewhere else?11:20
bc_systemTarget audience is not necessarily an especially technical one, beyond the extent to which the fact that they use Sailfish at all tends to select for that. We were thinking we'd try to submit it to the Jolla Store.11:44
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ViGeIn that case I think the best way is to bundle the requests module (and it's dependencies) inside your package11:55
ViGeIt's a bit more work but defenitely doable11:56
bc_systemFair enough. Thanks for the advice. Is there a proper way to do that beyond just putting the code where it knows to look for python code and calling it a day?12:16
Tegutoo bad there does not seem to a package for requests12:26
Teguof course, one can refactor all requests stuff to only use standard library, but.. meh12:27
Nico[m]You could use something like this to bundle your dependencies:
bc_systemThank you so much! That looks absolutely perfect.13:32
bc_systemWe'll give that a try.13:32
Nico[m]I have no idea, if that still works though :D13:44
bc_systemI guess we'll find out.13:49
elros1rinigus: hi, short question: what license is your dbuscontainerstate? Is it same as whole project (BSD)?:
riniguselros1: good question, BSD should be fine for my code. but it has a bit from maliit code (orientationAngle method, switch()). that one is LGPL16:42
elros1rinigus: I don't use orientationAngle() function so I guess I can use it as BSD then?16:43
riniguselros1: I hope it is fine for using it16:43
elros1ok thanks16:44
riniguselros1: but it is handy to support changes in orientation16:44
elros1yes but I send qt::screenorientation and covert it to maliit angle in maliit context plugin16:44
riniguselros1: I hope it works. don't remember why I opted for the way it is in flatpak-runner... I have also the context plugin for such communication in the same org, hopefully can be reused as well16:47
elros1rinigus it works and yes your maliit plugin changes were also useful16:51
riniguselros1: nice!16:52
attahTrying to use a QML column... the docs in SFOS SDK says it has a leftPadding property, but when i use it... well, it fails because it does not exist18:49
attahwhat gives?18:49
Nico[m]Where in the docs do you see a column?19:08
Nico[m]It's not on the silica reference19:08
attahNico[m]: it's a basic QML type... and i just pressed F1 on it in the SDK/IDE19:09
Nico[m]Ah, yeah, that one should have it since Qt 5.619:09
Nico[m]Did you import Quick 2.6?19:11
attahjust 2.5, as per the docs19:11
attah...but i'll see if that does it19:11
attaheeey, that did it19:11
attahIt would have been soo much smoother if (since i'm basically forced to use it) the template has the latest import as default, and the docs were correct :/19:14
Nico[m]Yeah, if you look at the official Qt docs, it should say, when a certain property appeared. For QtQuick you need to import version 2.x for something that appeared in Qt 5.x19:15
attahThat's fair enough... but the inline docs says *2.5*, and makes no indication of what is the latest version19:16
Nico[m]Well, I guess that's a bug, the docs probably should say 2.6 everywhere at this point19:16
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