Tuesday, 2020-09-29

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dcalisteHello chriadam, sorry to be so late today.07:27
chriadamhi dcaliste, no problem at all07:27
chriadamI hope your week has gone well?07:28
dcalisteMy week was fine, thank you. I've seen you've been very busy with the QtPim update.07:28
dcalisteDid you manage to make it Qt6 compliant by the way ?07:28
chriadamyes... and that will continue for a little while yet, unfortunately, as I broke some things07:28
chriadamno, just started on the Qt6 porting today - quite some journey ahead of me yet07:28
dcalisteWith a big update like that, that's to be expected unfortunately... We'll have similar trouble when KCalCore will be done.07:29
dcalisteAbout the Qt6 upgrade, to you have any toList() or toSet() to change in the code base ?07:30
dcalisteAh, good point, using values() is a smart replacement, instead of the range constructor.07:32
chriadamI am grateful that LarsS and EdW have been helping me with some of this already07:32
dcalisteToo bad there's nothing for the toSet(), using range constructors is adding a lot of boiler plate in my opinion.07:33
dcalisteParticularly, sometimes, the object it applies to is not a local variable, but the result of a call…07:33
chriadamyes :-(07:33
dcalisteAnyway, thanks for the tips, I'll update my commit to use this values() function.07:34
chriadamreminds me, I haven't yet had a chance to look at your mer QMF PR - perhaps pvuorela or flypig has had time?  IIRC it was what we'd already discussed and agreed with anyway07:35
dcalisteYes, it's just to be sure that it will go into next SailfishOS, because I'm feeling that the upstream upgrade to Qt6 will take quite a while…07:35
dcalisteI'm going to use this replacement also for QDateTime(QDate): https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtpim/+/310491/207:36
chriadamI still haven't fully digested Edward's explanation, but I assume he's right ;-)07:38
flypigSorry, I didn't have time to look at the QMF PR (and I'm still pushing to get the Calendar UI error changes integrated).07:38
dcalisteThanks flypig.07:38
chriadamI haven't yet reviewed the caldav PR either.  is that one dependent on anything which hasn't been merged yet, or is it now standalone?07:39
dcalisteNo, this caldav MR is now standalone.07:39
chriadamI can't promise to review it this week07:40
chriadambut next week, definitely.07:40
dcalisteGreat, thank you chriadam.07:40
dcalisteThere is also the buteo-syncfw MR (https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/buteo-syncfw/merge_requests/51) about extending log possibility to list changed items.07:42
dcalisteCurrently this one is a standalone also, because I didn't work on the caldav side to actually these new logging possibilities.07:43
chriadamthe PR LGTM, but perhaps we will wait until some plugin actually uses the new API before merging, in case some issue is discovered07:44
chriadamdo you have a preference?07:44
dcalisteI agree, that's safer like that. It will allow to actually test the design further, even if I did it with the caldav plugin in mind ;)07:45
chriadamI have been so focused on the contacts side this last month that I haven't really progressed your items further, unfortunately.  hopefully back to more normalish soon.07:46
chriadamdue to that, I don't really have anything else to discuss today.  did you have other topics?07:47
chriadamor did I forget something else which needs discussion or follow up from our last meeting?07:47
dcalisteThanks, no problem. No nothing much firther. I'm going to update some of the MR on Qt6 upgrade of QMF following how it was done for QtPim.07:48
chriadamexcellent, thanks.  I hope it won't take me too long to get QtPIM building, but let's see.07:48
chriadamin regards to next week's meeting: I expect I will be available, however I have been called back for jury duty starting tomorrow, so if I get empanelled and the trial goes for more than a few days, I may not be here next Tuesday07:49
chriadambut my assumption at this stage is that I will be available, but let's see.07:49
chriadamI will send you an email next Monday evening if my expectation changes.07:49
chriadamaside from that, thanks again for your efforts and your patience :-)07:50
dcalisteSure, no problem. Since some days, I've got upsyncing events that shift of one or two hours. That's really strange. Maybe due to various OS update and not all stack is now on devel with various patches. I need to investigate. Strange because it has worked for two months without any issues.07:50
chriadamuh oh07:50
dcalisteYeh :/ Need to investigate. I noticed it yesterday.07:50
chriadamis there a DST transition?07:50
chriadamor just random?07:50
dcalisteNo, not before the end of next month.07:50
chriadamI will ask our testers if they have seen something similar07:50
dcalisteI think it's related to my setup. I'll keep you informed.07:51
chriadamok, if nothing else to discuss, let's end the meeting for tonight.  I hope you have a great week!07:52
dcalisteAs I said, exact same manipulations have worked for months. But kcalcore, mkcal, caldav need to be from devel, and when upgrading they are redownloaded to actual Jolla versions of the current OS.07:52
chriadamlet's see what our internal testers say also07:52
dcalisteSo maybe, some packages are not in devel anymore on my device.07:52
chriadamyes, maybe some change had an unintended effect07:52
chriadamI am interested to find out ;-)07:53
dcalisteLet see. If we meet again next Tuesday, I'll tell you what happen.07:53
chriadamthank you07:53
* chriadam -> away, gnight :-)07:54
peperjohnnyhey guys. was suggested to me and after updating I'm stuck with a black screen. I'm able to get in via SSH and I get the following error "Error: Medium not attached: plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0"11:59
peperjohnnyI get this error with setting version and a "version --dup"12:00
Nico[m]Oh, 3.4 is out? Nice!12:01
Nico[m]Browser update, rust support nice :312:02
peperjohnnybe wary maybe the servers are overloaded and that's why I get the error :<12:02
ViGepeperjohnny: Do you have any packages installed from non-official sources, e.g. openrepos?12:04
peperjohnnyyup, I do12:05
peperjohnnyViGe ^12:06
ViGeMy guess is that your issue is caused by one of them. Since you still have ssh connection, you could try uninstalling them one by one12:06
ViGepeperjohnny: And if you find out which package it was, please let us know!12:07
* Nico[m] goes to break his phone with 3.412:07
peperjohnnyWell I'll check12:07
Nico[m]Hm, the release note link is dead, I guess it will come online at some point?12:09
peperjohnnyI'm just wondering because of the adaption0 repo error12:09
mkolmancool, has been ~5 monts since previous update so it's nice to see more activity :)12:10
Nico[m]Now the browser just needs 2 more updates in the next 5 months to be somewhat up to date, I think :D12:10
Nico[m]Also, the automatic backups are nice!12:11
mkolmangiven the armageddon that was the last Firefox for Android "update" I think I'm fine with slightly outdated browser on Sailfish OS ;-)12:12
Nico[m]Well, sailfish browser is based on the desktop browser, so that would probably not apply :312:13
mkolmanyeah, thankfully the update for the desktop Firefox was rather uneventful :)12:15
mkolman(and I know they had the issue with iudated Android variant based on F68 going out of support so they had to do something, still don't agree releasing that quarter-finished thing was a good thing to do)12:16
Nico[m]Well, it does now have video acceleration on the desktop, so I wouldn't call it uneventful :312:16
mkolman(ideally they should have kept the thing in sync from the get go, not get stuc on obsolete version only to bite you later)12:16
peperjohnnysadly I can't return to and try it out on another device :D12:16
mkolmanby uneventful I mean not-dropping-60%-of-features-you-use uneventful12:17
Nico[m]peperjohnny: You can always flash your device again and update step by step ;p12:17
peperjohnnyNico[m] ah yeah no thanks :D12:18
Nico[m]Can't wait to read the patchnotes :312:18
mkolmanBTW, can the supported xperia devices perhaps boot from SD card ?12:18
peperjohnnywas dumb enough to update my daily driver first, now I'll have to suffer through12:18
Nico[m]mkolman: As far as I know, no, but it would be nice12:19
mkolmana friend of mine just got the latest PinePhone & it can do that, which is supper hand yfor distro hopping like this12:19
mkolmanNico[m]: thanks - indeed, would be super useful, even if perhaps slower than the built-in storage12:19
Nico[m]I think it is probably a limitation in the Xperia bootloader though12:20
mkolmanhmm, I guess that something that can't be easily replaced...12:20
ThaodanDoes any android device supporting booting from SD-Card? I think that thats not intended and would be insecure.12:26
mkolmansecurity aspects could be handled the same way as bootloader unlocking - explicit user permission to do so12:27
mkolman(an even without this, I don't really see normal users swapping random microSD cards in their phones to get infected)12:28
ThaodanIts still an attack surface and a feature that you maintain for the 1% of the 1%12:29
mkolmanpersonally it seems like another features Android phones dropped out of either lazyness or even another attempt to wrestle more control from the users (by  making it harder to swap the default lcoked down & privacy not respecting Android OS)12:30
mkolmanwell, you could say that about boot configuration in BIOS/UEFI in PCs12:30
ThaodanIts not layz if you waist money for doing something that you don't need12:31
mkolmaneven the percentage would likely be similar12:31
mkolmanyet removing that would basically wipe out Linux distros over night12:31
mkolmanI guess it's just me not liking to encounter artificial limitations imposed on the user by a third party :)12:32
ThaodanHm you need that because then you couldn't boot windows or starting any other UEFI App like BIOS or an update12:32
mkolmanwell, you cold do it like on Android/iOS/MacOs - preinstalled only, servicing only at authorized shop12:33
mkolmanI'm sure there are some bsuiness minded people who would do that if they could12:34
ThaodanNo because the bios itself and capsules are also uefi apps12:34
Thaodanthe only thing is that those are signed12:34
mkolmana proper UEFI firmaware on smartphones would be nice - Jolla Tablet had that12:35
mkolman& if the result was SBSA compliant you could run many mainstream distros out of the box12:35
Thaodaneven that you still have device trees12:36
mkolmansure, but the less hoops one has to jump through (custom image for each distro you want to try) makes it more likely someone would address these as well12:37
peperjohnnyis there an easy way to list all non jolla packages?12:40
ahappyhumanPatches removed, WebKit restored, ready to update!12:44
ViGepeperjohnny: Do you have any non-jolla packages which are not from openrepos?12:56
Nico[m]Hm, the update wiped all my wifi settings?12:57
Nico[m]But the new connecting to wifi animation is nice12:57
peperjohnnyViGe I guess so. this is a full list https://pastebin.com/jnKukeg5 I have some obs repos it seems12:58
Nico[m]Also the weather widget changes look nice :312:58
peperjohnnyI removed all harbour packages as a first12:58
Nico[m]Wow, the browser shows the forum properly now!12:59
ViGepeperjohnny: It's easy to list all openrepos packages: "zypper packages --installed-only|grep openrepos|grep ^i"13:01
ViGepeperjohnny: replace openrepos with the other repository names to list them13:02
peperjohnnyViGe thanks will try!13:02
Nico[m]Hm, switching to a different user does glitch out the graphics for a bit13:09
peperjohnnyViGe I think I removed all. when it boots it goes from sony display to black to white to black to white and then stops at black screen. This is f5121. Any form of repo refreshing gives me "Fatal error: Medium not attached: plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0"13:40
peperjohnnycouldn't use your command too because of that and had to look up everything by hand13:41
peperjohnnyViGe from journalctl https://pastebin.com/F1S319AV13:53
x2ssoooo, about 3.4, is there a changelog somewhere? ;)14:02
Nico[m]Changelog is still getting proof read14:03
x2sI'm good in proof reading. ;)14:10
pucilpethi guys :)14:13
pucilpetwhat should I delete to make room for the update? it says I need ~500mb but only got 400. file system explorer is quite unhelpful with freeing up the space14:14
Nico[m]I uninstalled a few applications I don't use14:14
pucilpetapps only take a really small part of the space. most is taken up by "sailfishos and other"14:15
Nico[m]I think that is mostly the OS, which you probably don't want to delete14:15
Nico[m]I looked through it and I didn't find anything but apps to make space14:16
pucilpetapps take only 79mb so seems impossible14:16
Nico[m]In my case it was 300mb in apps :D14:17
malpucilpet: have you checked is there is a lot of space taken by /var/log or some other things under /var ?14:44
PeperJohnnyfunnily enough I have almost the same apps on my jolla c and it took the update like a champ :D14:55
PeperJohnnybut there's another guy in the forums with an xperia x that's borked, so maybe it's only that device14:55
Nico[m]Xperia devices have a smaller system partition, since it uses the default size sony chose14:57
Nico[m]I think14:58
Nico[m]Ah, wait, wrong guy starting with p :D14:58
thigg[m]What do you guys do to update? My update manager shows nothing... Or is it maybe language/region specific?14:59
Nico[m]thilo: Are you in the early access group?14:59
PeperJohnnythigg[m]: are you in early adopter group?14:59
thigg[m]Nico: no, thats the reason then ;)14:59
pucilpetnot really, there isn't much in /var15:22
Nico[m]PeperJohnny, is your root partition full?15:25
pucilpetFor me the space problem was due to having some image files in the /root folder15:40
PeperJohnnyNico[m]: according to df -h rootfs has 1.0G available16:29
PeperJohnnyHas the update been pulled? https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/when-to-expect-sfos-3-4-0/2033/54 suggests this16:52
pucilpetI guess so. I have some problems with android support on xa2 etc so I guess I'll have to try to restore a backup17:00
patollAny idea why I have "medium not attached: plugin:/ssu? repo=adaptation0"?? No need to say that I had an error when updating to 3.418:14
patollI have access to phone via ssh but nothing on screen18:14
patollI started update with gui, had a space issue, that I solved by getting rid of an app, then the phone rebooted but update failed with an option only to reboot. I can access the first unlock but then the screen flashes and nothing more. This is on X10 plus18:18
Nico[m]Can you trigger a manual update?18:19
patollI tried ssu re and version - - dup but get the error mentioned above18:33
patollBtw the official release repo was still 3.3 but the text attached to ssh says 3.4. So clearly the update failed and is partly installed18:37
patollI tried version - - dup with both 3.3 and 3.4 but without success18:38
patollHoping I do not need to reflash...18:39
malpatoll: which device is that?19:13
malpatoll: does /var/log/systemupdate.log show anything interesting?19:34
patollmal: difficult for me to say. Maybe a cannot open fb0: no such file...19:39
patollI can upload somewhere if that helps?19:39
patollmal: https://pastebin.com/HrhJ5X1M19:44
pucilpethow are you guys doing with android support on xa2? still working after the 3.4.0 upgrade?20:05
attah__pucilpet: at least basic usage seems to work... anything in particular that isn't working?20:19
attah__Also, if you have aliendalvik-control, and not the latest version, that could be your issue20:20
pucilpetyeah well for me it doesn't start at all. I did have aliendalvik-control but the latest version. I did remove it but no luck:/20:24
malpucilpet: what do logs say? journalctl and maybe "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat"20:56
patollmal: so no obvious solution? It seems Louis on the forum had the same problem https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/the-screen-goes-black-and-thats-it/2282/1521:00
malI think the solution might be to manually install the ssu rpms from new release, I think the installation did not finish properly or something21:01
patollIf i understand, that means checking all packages and see if they were updated?! hum I can try but a bit of a hell 😅21:05
malpatoll: no, I meant first trying to just grabbing the ssu rpms from somewhere and then installing those again manually21:16
malpatoll: maybe you can see if there is still rpm cache on the device21:17
malpatoll: does "pkcon download . ssu" do anything?21:22
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