Thursday, 2020-10-01

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tortoisedocyee update \o/08:09
tortoisedocI'd have a question on the notifications08:12
tortoisedochavent been following lipstick in a while08:12
tortoisedocthere seems to be hints associated to notifications08:12
tortoisedocany reference to documentation about them?08:12
Nico[m]You mean about hints in general or the sailfish extensions?08:13
tortoisedocsailfish extensions I guess :)  (the hints part that lipstick relies upon apparently in order to keep display on / off)08:14
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Nico[m]I'm confused now. Do you just want to keep the display on or do you want to do that with your notification? :D08:15
tortoisedocso the notification I send, when it gets sent, turns the display black :)08:15
tortoisedochow do I avoid that?08:15
Nico[m]Your notifications turn the screen off? How did you manage to do that? :D08:16
tortoisedocoh it does? I had no idea :D08:16
tortoisedocif you say so, it must be the case tho08:17
Nico[m]But if you just want to turn the screen on, when your notification arrives, you can just set the "x-nemo-display-on" hint, I guess08:17
tortoisedocso I  guess my notification is somehow missing a hint to tell lipstick not to turn the display off08:17
tortoisedocah there we go08:17
tortoisedocso is there documentation about this somewhere?08:17
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Nico[m]Doesn't look like the hints are documented08:20
tortoisedocso will dig in lipstick :)08:20
Nico[m]Why do you want to dig into lipstick for that? The name is descriptive enough :308:21
Nico[m]//! Nemo hint: Whether to turn the screen on when displaying preview08:22
Nico[m]    static const char *HINT_DISPLAY_ON;08:22
tortoisedocwhy, isnt it fun to dig around :D08:22
pvuoreladon't rely too much on the undocumented ones, though. that one i could still consider removing.08:23
tortoisedocpvuorela : ah ok so there's a reason why its not documented yet :)(08:23
Nico[m]pvuorela: Well, worst case it just stops working, doesn't it? :308:24
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pvuorelaNico[m]: yes.08:24
tortoisedocNico[m] : forward compatibility FTW08:24
pvuorelathe hint set is now a lot better what it used to be though, lots of things happened lately.08:24
Nico[m]In that case it should probably work for at least a year with the current update cycle, good enough!08:24
tortoisedoc@pvuorela because of that it would be even more interesting to better understand where the notifications are going08:25
Nico[m]I wish it was documented how to set custom led colors and such. The definition files for notifications are confusing.08:25
pvuorelathe category files in general shouldn't be used if that's what you mean.08:26
pvuorelaled is a difficult detail too as there's been color coding for different types of notifications and app developer choosing the color might break the expectation.08:27
pvuorelabut in general there's been enhancements now, some new api, bad api removed.08:27
pvuorelaor with bad, mostly meaning some old ad hoc hints.08:27
tortoisedocI am wondering, my app didnt use to set any hints; so I guess in this case, the notifications by default assume screen has to be OFF?08:28
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pvuorelathat sounded strange. no notification be even able to turn the screen off.08:28
pvuorelabe -> should be08:29
tortoisedoc@pvuorela you'd amaze yourself wiht how many things can be done in  SFOS :D08:29
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x2sNo update for me yet. How shall I brick my phone this way? I'm not impressed. ;)10:18
malthe release is in early access10:32
x2sah, ok. The times I had to try everything from early access are over for me ;)10:33
Nico[m]But how are you going to brick your phone then?10:39
x2sThat's a good question. I guess I have to use good ol' concrete.10:44
abransonI think we need to stress the testing element of early access a bit more. too many people are getting into it without realizing that it could cause problems.11:14
Nico[m]Yeah, I always take backups and make sure if my phone dies, that it is not that bad, if I can try fixing it in the next week, but I don't think everyone is that careful :D11:17
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ol<x2s "That's a good question. I guess "> Sorry man, I have no concrete for you.14:57
x2sol: Clay could work, too. ;)15:21
kirvesAxeIs there a list somewhere on feature phones that have been tested compatible with Sailfish?16:06
kirvesAxeattah, thanks. I was mostly interested to see if those retro-nokias would have any hope of getting a sailfish.... seems like not much.16:56

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