Friday, 2020-10-02

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useretailjust updated the software and got black screen. how to solve?01:42
useretailpkcon remove phonehook02:13
useretailalso had screencast installed, but during version --dup update was failing because it couldn't remove screencast 0.3.0-10.18.1.jolla properly02:15
useretailError: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.t8BDKB: line 1: fg: no job control02:15
useretail/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.t8BDKB: line 2: fg: no job control02:15
useretailerror: %preun(screencast-0.3.0-10.18.1.jolla.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 102:15
useretailerror: screencast-0.3.0-10.18.1.jolla.armv7hl: erase failed02:15
useretailUPGRADE NOT COMPLETE - Retry 1 of 902:16
useretailcoderus, just fyi02:16
gangadharA question on licensing when using the QtCreator for SF development. As per the Qt licensing terms, everyone using the Qt libraries has to call out upfront (during installation) whether they are an OSS developer or a commercial s/w developer02:48
gangadharAnd there are separate licensing for both in Qt02:48
gangadharIf I want to develop a closed-source application in SFOS, I am using QML and C++ underneath, then can I build a closed-source application? What are the licensing terms I should be aware of?02:49
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gangadharAll - any details about the closed-source development using Qt libraries for Sailfish?08:42
gangadharI found this reference [ ] but this is for applications that are paid for on the store08:43
gangadharDoes the answered response for the above mean that as long as I am using Qt libs in my SFOS app dynamically I can keep my app-code closed-source and release it under a proprietary license?08:45
mpolcurrent Qt on SFOS is mostly LGPL, which is fine for proprietary apps. For a proprietary app you cannot use GPL libraries. An update for Qt, like from 5.9 to 5.15, would possibly go GPL08:49
gangadharThanks mpol for that. I was looking for how the licensing changes if SFOS upgrades their Qt version in the future. Qt6 is expected to be released EoY and the static-typing in QML will be a great benefit for everyone08:59
gangadharIs there a page on the WiKi that explains the licensing ?09:00
mpolthat very much depends if they go with the GPL version or the commercial version.09:00
gangadharIf they went with GPL version - then a lot of app developers might be wary of it isn't it? If they link dynamically to Qt libraries then I think they should be ok (I think - please correct me if I am wrong)09:01
gangadharWouldn't it help to have a Wiki article for this bit ?09:01
mpolabout licensing and linking to LGPL and GPL< the FSF has that explained.09:03
mpol Here you can see what is under GPL in the free software version and what is commercial09:04
gangadharYes, mpol , the Qt license page, I am aware of. I meant a wiki page on SFOS09:18
mpolwhat would you want them to explain? They have not made public if, when and how they want to continue on the Qt update09:18
gangadharFor instance if one wants to only use LGPL-V3 [ ], then even QtCreator is not available09:19
gangadharI meant, having a page that details the different Qt versions and what the licensing options are available for developers. The above link maynot be relevant for Qt 5.9. I am trying to look for the licensing for Qt 5.9.09:20
gangadharFound it -
gangadharBut it doesn't mention the license of Qt-Creator; would you know ?09:21
mpolbe aware, I am not an app developer :)  But the currently used qt-creator is part of the sdk, and I would think you can use proprietary apps with it, otherwise Jolla would not be able to do that as well. You might want to download the SDK and check the license09:26
gangadharSure mpol :) I am trying to understand that. In the SFOS SDK _Licenses_ folder, there are some explanations (including a LGPL_Exception file). Was thinking if someone in SFOS could make it simpler on Wiki so that app-developers are making the right choices09:30
gangadharam sure that Jolla Inc has done their due diligence, but given that Qt license has been changing (including the recently added independent-developer license and the per-unit-deployed license), knowing the implications of using Qt for SFOS will help developers09:32
gangadharI am not aware of the Jolla team members on this channel; should I send it as a forum post ?09:32
mpolafaik, and that might be too simple, for proprietary apps you cannot link to GPL software. And yes, the forum might be much better for this. The developer meetings are good to follow too09:33
tmynttinis there any way to kill crashed native apps other than from terminal?10:12
tmynttinmy browser sometimes crashes and cannot be started unless killed from terminal10:13
tmynttinfor android apps there is this 'Force stop' option in settings10:14
kirvesAxetmynttin, install Crest from Jolla store... It shows you a list of open processes and a long press on a process name gives you options for terminate and force kill :) (I once had an issue that I needed to kill my crashed terminal, and I was working on something that I wanted to finish before rebooting...)11:28
kirvesAxe(You might need to open the top menu and change the setting of "Apps only")11:29
tmynttinkirvesAxe: great tip, thanks!11:38
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