Saturday, 2020-10-03

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coderususeretail: screencast-0.3.0-10.18.1.jolla.armv7hl is not present at openrepos07:53
avemestrAm I correct in stating, that Xperia 10 II is not supported at the moment, Xperia 10 is but one might receive a version with Android 10 preloaded and therefore not easily replaced with SailfishOS, so the safest bet is the 2+ year old XA2 devices?08:45
attahavemestr: 10 II is indeed not supported. But there is no meaningful spec difference in the regular 10 and XA2, so not sure why you felt it necessary to call only XA2 old.09:10
attahXA2 vs 10 should just be a form factor decision...09:11
avemestrXA2 is better than 10 in some ways, eg. battery.09:12
attah...which is very much related to the form factor09:15
attahbut it sounded to me like you were trying to say the XA2 is older and somehow a worse choice because of that09:16
avemestrI'm just considering waiting for 10 II to be officially supported.09:17
avemestr10 II improves battery capacity significantly over 10, yet maintains virtually the same form factor.09:17
attahthat would be nice, but currently there are no indications to what will be the next device09:18
attahdespite the similar name, it is as different as any other model09:18
avemestrYep, new chipset, new cpu, new gpu.09:38
avemestrDo you think Jolla is considering supporting other devices instead of 10 II?09:39
attahConsidering... sure, anything else would be odd.09:40
attahIt may very well be the first choice still, we simply don't know09:40
avemestrWould be nice with some announcement from Jolla.09:43
attahcan only agree with that... but i guess they just haven't had the time to fully bring up another device to the standards required09:44
avemestrWhere I live the XA2 costs 75% of what the 10 II costs... Would be sad to purchase an XA2 today and get an announcement from Jolla in 2 weeks that they now support 10 II :-)09:45
avemestrYeah, there's also the Android 9 to Android 10 issue they have to sort out (besides the chips, cameras, etc).09:45
attahPretty sure announcements/leaks would give more than 2 weeks notice until it is available... at least it has been that way so far09:47
attahLike at least a SFOS release cycle until it materializes09:47
odwyerdaHi, my update to has gone quite badly and I fear my phone is bricked.11:56
odwyerdaXA2 plus reported a failed update then after reboot it just boots into a blank screen. The worst part is I cannot seem to get in with SSH either to do anything (no USB device found when plugged into laptop && no wifi connected)11:57
odwyerdaMaybe this is the place for some advice ?11:58
avemestrodwyerda: Can't help you, but hang around for a while and others might be able to.11:59
odwyerdaI shall12:00
avemestrIt's just on IRC some people show up, don't get a response within a minute and then signs off ;-)12:00
odwyerdaI am patient, ive use IRC before. I may also be elsewhere, ive a puppy jumping around beside me12:03
odwyerdaThe USB device is found by my laptop: "dmesg" shows XA2 plus on usb 1-2 .. still cant access it yet12:14
odwyerdaHowever I think this error is bad : usb 1-1: can't set config #1, error -7112:16
x2swell, there should be a way to get the device into the boot loader and reflash it over usb. Your data will probably lost12:36
odwyerdaI backed it up..12:36
odwyerdaI still cant get into the phone. When I plug it into my laptop I get an empty file in /dev/bsg/0:0:0:012:37
odwyerdaif you have a guide somewhere I could follow (I have a windows partition also so I can use that)12:37
x2s maybe the first one could work12:38
x2soh, wait, flash mode is what you want.12:38
x2sSo volume up, not down12:38
odwyerdacool let me see.12:41
odwyerdahmm.. OK neither work. If I do Volumn done I get blank screen  + green led. If I do flash mode I get black screen + blue led... I will try again12:44
odwyerdanope... no luck... hmm12:50
olodwyerda (IRC): Make sure that your phone is connected to USB2 port of your PC. There were some issues with flashing through USB3 port.13:15
odwyerdaI will log off for 10 min I need to change room, I will try again13:29
odwyerdaHi so I changed over to windows. I have tried both USB ports, when I try to enable flash mode windows pop up appears "setting up android " device13:42
odwyerdabut only the LED responds on the phone itsefl13:42
odwyerda@mal thank you13:42
malyou can use that recovery to backup things, or even try to fix the installation13:42
odwyerdaI think I will open a beer for this...13:43
netvorhi, w/ xperia xa2 .. I just updated to -- i think 3.4.0 -- as offered by update manager and the updated failed.  after reboot all i have is black screen; power button only starts the backlight13:49
netvorthat said, i can ssh in as nemo13:49
odwyerdaI have a quiestion13:50
odwyerdaso what file should I flahs, the jolla store has
netvor/etc/os-release already shows PRETTY_NAME="Sailfish OS (Pallas-Yllästunturi)"13:50
odwyerdahmm fasboot reports < waiting for any device >14:01
odwyerdanvm... driver problem fixed it... onto the next step14:07
thigg[m]<netvor "/etc/os-release already shows PR"> maybe this helps you?
netvorthigg[m]: thanks.  i also found somethin on zendesk
netvorthing is, i can ssh as nemo but i don't have the devel-su password14:11
netvori used to read that off the UI when i needed it but now that ui is broken..14:11
thigg[m]I guess that leaves reflashing as the only option14:11
thigg[m]out of lazyness i put my devel-su pw into my password manager so i can copy it ;)14:12
netvorwell but thinking aloud .. if ui can display the develsu password in plain, maybe one could dig it out from somewhere?14:12
thigg[m]i guess you can theoretically if you know your lockcode14:13
netvoron second thought, reflashing will be probably better given that via ssh i can backup $HOME now (and also i have most stuff in clouds)14:15
thigg[m]netvor: i guess youre saving yourself a lot of trouble this way14:17
thigg[m]next time create the backup first ;)14:18
netvoryeah, :) i got that lesson w/ my laptop this year so i set up borg backup everywhere EXCEPT my SFOS :)14:19
netvorgiven that all borg needs is ssh, should be a piece of cake to set up14:19
malyou can try that update from recovery and see if it finishes14:20
malin theory at least14:20
malof course doing it via ssh is better if possible14:20
thigg[m]you remind me of something there, updates to libpam nearly locked me out recently i should run borg to backup configs again as well...14:20
thigg[m]I lost my phone last year, now its fully synced to my nextcloud... could throw it  into a lake any time now ;)14:20
malnetvor: did you manage to try update via ssh?14:21
netvormal: well i don't have the devel-su password so not sure if there's point in trying ... not that i know how would i go about that14:22
odwyerdahmm my recovery is not going OK. I finished 2.1 from (
malnetvor: devel-su should use the same password you use for nemo ssh, or are you connecting with some ssh key14:22
netvori'm using key14:22
odwyerda* sorry I wanted to tpye a big message and not lots of smaller ones which break up your conversation.14:23
malnetvor: hmm, you can set password via recovery14:23
netvorhmmm ... maybe i can give it a shot14:23
netvorafter rsync finishes14:23
malnetvor: so basic way to set password from recovery is to boot to recovery using instructions in zendesk, then selecting shell and from shell "chroot /rootfs" (if I remember the path correctly) and then "passwd nemo"14:25
odwyerdahmm my recovery is not going OK. I finished 2.1 from ( I used the available .zip file that is inthe jolla store for me (Since my upgrade to 3.4 failed I wonder if this is correct..) It completes it and reboots the phone, however I do not14:27
odwyerdaget the "RECOVERY:  Connect USB cable and open telnet to address"But OK I will try to 2.2. If I boot again the phone to my laptop I see "SMS/MMS" in "Other devices",  "RNDIS"...Stuck...14:27
odwyerdasorry to correct above I do not see "RNDIS" as described in section 2.214:28
netvorso i'm trying to get to the recovery mode.14:47
netvori run `sudo fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img` and Downloading boot.img takes ages (few minutes so far)14:48
netvori wonder if that's expected14:49
malit should be very quick15:01
maltry another usb port on your computer15:02
netvori'm trying to figure out if i have the right image15:09
netvoreven eg. fastboot getvar product takes ages ...15:41
netvortrying different cable15:42
malusb3 ports are sometimes causing issues with fastboot15:42
netvortried 2 different ones .. gonna try another laptop15:44
netvorok so on another box (w/ debian, this is fedora) it works fine; it's H311315:53
netvorok so went with flashing ... no time to play the devel-su game ... :(16:01
netvorso thanks mal & thigg[m] ;  /me is now setting up fresh flashed sfos16:08
malnetvor: so you didn't try to fix the installation?16:54
netvorno didn't have time .. needed to have phone running :/16:55
malok, it's not always very difficult to fix those16:58
netvorwell next time i try updating maybe i'll get another chance :)16:59

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