Sunday, 2020-10-04

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tmynttin_Anyone else having a lot of OOM kills when using Sailfish browser?15:05
attahtmynttin_: depends on the page... and much better with 3.415:14
tmynttin_attah: I haven't used it in a while, and didn't have OOMs almost ever. Now with 3.4 I'm again using it and OOMs all the time.15:22
tmynttin_guess I'll switch back to some android browser15:22
attahtmynttin_: any particular site(s), or doesn't matter? anything heavy running alongside it?15:29
tmynttin_attah: usually I have, and sailfish forum. Few native apps and whatsapp alongside15:32
tmynttin_Xperia 10 as device15:33
attahtmynttin_: some newspapers are notoriously javascript-heavy, but that looks fine... I use it quite a lot with the forum... didn't really even happen before the upgrade there for me.15:34
attahI'm on an Xperia 10 as well15:35
attah(regular dual-sim, not some performance version)15:36
tmynttin_At the moment it seems to take 500 MB with those three pages open15:36
attahNot great, not terrible.15:36
malsome websites are terribly heavy, people don't seem to care about that anymore15:38
DennisRoczeknot only heavy, but also including so many external ressources which is crazy. moreover these stuff is not optimized for slow mobile internet connections. :-(15:41
Nico[m]My browser uses 500MB. Haven't had any OOMs yet, although one time it kinda went a bit crazy on the CPU. Only happened on one page though and since quite a lot of the internals changed, I think this will sort itself out over time. Apart from that it has been working amazingly well!15:42
tmynttin_Now browser memory at >700 MB and cpu 25%, and 3 apps were killed16:36
x2sgood ol firefox... ;)16:36
olNo, it's not mine.16:37
x2sI wonder who allowed 2 char nicknames. This has to be a conspiracy!16:38
olI wonder who allowed to write "ol" instead of "old".16:39
x2sThe good ol' people. :D16:52
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maltmynttin_: how much free memory did the device have when that happened?17:40
tmynttin_sorry, just OOM'd the irc client :D17:50
tmynttin_mal: highest memory usage I've seen has been around 90%, so about 300 MB free17:51
tmynttin_but there might be a higher peak when it actually happens17:52
malI will check some things tomorrow17:56
malhmm, it seems the oom adjustment permissions are at least correct in kernel17:59

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