Thursday, 2020-10-08

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piggzi wonder how fragile this is :D09:21
x2sThat looks aweful09:22
piggzx2s: i know, but it works! :D09:25
piggzblody proprietary devices09:25
x2spiggz: all those unions... I'd probably used separate structs, to make it more readable...09:29
ggabrieldoes anybody know where I can find documentation on spectacle? (what auto generates the rpm spec file)17:06
malthat really should not be used anymore17:07
ggabrielok, thanks. I'll read then17:08
malggabriel: what are you packaging?17:09
ggabrielI'm having a peek at tidings, just installed the sdk, opened the project, seen warnings about using certain variables in the rpm yaml file17:10
ggabrielbut of course it's an old package (as it's looking for a new maintainer)17:10
attahBleh, i'm running in to the "not enough system memory" wall with, despite not having installed anything since last EA17:11
attahThere were some hints on how to track down what is causing it... but i can't seem to find the thread17:11
attahand "Storage" in settings is beyond useless... just showing "Sailfish OS and other files" 1.9GB17:12
ggabrielmal: doesn't help that the exmaple that comes with the sdk also uses spectacle :D do you know what is the right approach? manual spec file or something else?17:16
malggabriel: I would just make a spec file for it17:19
ggabrielgot it, ta17:19
malattah: check "du -hs /*" and see where the space goes17:20
attahmal: just found that too, thanks17:21
attahthe sad thing is that i had *one* thing over 10MB, at 118, that was obviously not factory17:22
attahthat's some slim margins :(17:22
malattah: do you have any debug symbols installed?17:22
attahnot that i know of, what would i look for?17:23
malcheck size of /var for example17:24
malalso check what this shows: zypper se debuginfo | grep "^i"17:25
malassuming you have zypper installed17:25
malhow much space is there in use?17:26
malcan you show the output17:26
malalso df -h17:26
attahnow i'm down to 1.817:26
Thaodanpkcon search name debuginfo | grep "^i" for pkcon if you dont have zypper17:28
malThaodan: should be pkcon search name debuginfo | grep "^I"17:28
Thaodanmal: ah yes case sensitivity ^^17:30
malattah: do you have a lot of apps installed?17:33
attahmal: not really, two Xpera 10 screens worth, almost all SFOS apps, none with significant data17:33
malI have about 90 MB more free space on my x1017:37
attahso maybe that's how bad it is "supposed to be"17:38
malyeah, I think the rootfs is a bit small17:38
ThaodanThats why some expand the root partition to the unused system_a17:39
attahi guess i need to consider something like that17:41
malwondering if it would work (terribly ugly way) that you update some part manually first, like aliendalvik17:44
ThaodanOr remove and reinstall it.17:46
ThaodanI would just expand to system_a17:46

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