Friday, 2020-10-09

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riniguswith the updates, aren't they all downloaded to /home partition first? so how much free space is actually needed on /root07:16
Nico[m]rinigus: No, you usually have that much space free afterwards too. I think that's just a safety buffer, but since packages get removed, it is rarely needed09:09
rinigusNico: "No" was about what? that the packages are not downloaded to /home partition during updates?09:18
abransonthey are downloaded to there09:21
rinigusabranson: in this respect, you don't need massive /root09:37
Nico[m]Ah, I misread your comment a bit. Yes, you don't need all of the space on / actually, since it is downloaded to /home. That would only be the case, if the update included only new packages, no updated or removed ones, I think09:39
abransonsome space is needed for the package replacement e.g. when alien is upgraded, you need enough space for a second copy of system.img for the installation to succeed.09:40
Nico[m]And if someone uses btrfs with snapshots, you need all of it...09:41
abransonbut maybe the evaluation of where the space is needed might need some attention, because alien upgrades fail sometimes when people have copied their system images, and that shouldn't really happen09:41
rinigusSounds like uninstalling alien and installing it back later could be a way to do it for official version users. As for snapshots, they should load whole physical storage, not partition... At least on lvm&zfs09:46
Nico[m]With snapshots no package or file gets removed, so the system size can only grow, if you made a snapshot of / before the upgrade, I think09:48
Nico[m]Also doesn't uninstalling alien remove all android app data?09:48
abransonat least in alien8, it mostly installs to /opt/alien, which is a separate partition09:52
abransonso uninstalling it wouldn't help09:53
abransonI don't think uninstalling alien removes the app data09:53
Nico[m]Could sailfish extend to the second system partition in an update?09:53
Nico[m]abranson: Last time I tried, it did, but that may have been an uninstall script or some uids changed or so09:54
abransoni don't think so. some sort of boot-time pooling of spare partitions per device might be nice, but i think they'd all go to make the /home bigger. I think we more need efforts to reduce the amount of stuff that goes on the root. in the long term that should be mounted read-only really except during update.09:55
abransonover recent updates more and more writeable stuff from / has been moved to subdirs of /home09:56
Nico[m]Hm, but read-only / would prevent me from fiddling with qml files directly, but if I can still remount it, that sounds good09:57
abransonyeah. 'normal use' :)09:57
abransoncould be switched on/off by developer mode, but really it's safer if it's mounted read-only except when you're specifically messing with stuff09:58
abransonsometimes the root gets filled up with stacktraces - there's an option to move those to the /home now too09:58
rinigusNico: if snapshot in btrfs is done as in zfs and lvm, they don't get removed, but are not limited to partition in terms of lvm logical volumes. however, they do need physical space - physical volume groups in lvm lingo. so, it has more to do how physical volumes got allocated to the logical ones and not to /root or /home partition sizes09:59
rinigusabranson: but with ro /root, how do you install apps?09:59
abransonprobably to /home somewhere eventually. lots to do before then.10:00
rinigusabranson: maybe moving alien to /home/alien would be easier then10:02
abransoni think the opt solution works well for now. that's not really read-write data either10:02
pucilpetHi. Anyone installed the update yet, whats up with that?:)10:03
abransonit fixes a couple of issues found in the first EA release10:03
pucilpetYes, I guess i'll try it. The first release was fine for me apart from the alien-dalvik10:06
Nico[m]I think this is the first time we get multiple EAs, isn't it?10:06
ViGepucilpet: See
ViGeNico[m]: No, it isn't. They have been rare though.10:07
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pucilpetThank you10:08
Nico[m]ViGe, huh, I don't remember the last one. Thanks :310:19
ViGeNico[m]: I'm not sure when was the last time, but at least 2.1.1 had several EAs. It's quite possible that some release after that has had as well, but I don't remember.10:25
Nico[m]I think I wasn't in the EA group at that time or so, since it was a clozed group at the time? Or maybe it has just been that long!10:34
ViGeI'm quite sure it wasn't closed. But not 100%...10:38
Nico[m]I guess I'm just getting old :D10:39
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