Saturday, 2020-10-10

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r0kk3rzcbeta was the closed group04:47
r0kk3rzEA was always available to anyone who wanted in04:47
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patollAfter I upgraded to Bluetooth does not start anymore. Any idea how to debug it? It first worked but after an airplane mode, it does not start anymore even after rebooting07:38
patollIt seems to be linked to a conflict with the 'situations' application. I could get Bluetooth back uninstalling it08:31
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Guest68370I have an XA2 dual sim and the GPS doesn't work after updating to the latest version. It didn't work well before, but now it is basically useless. Is this problem recognized and is a fix pending? Any other advice?11:52
Guest68370Sorry, "latest version" is It seems that is out but it is not available to me so far.11:55
malGuest68370: what do you mean? do you see the gps indicator at the top of the screen when you try to use gps? does gpsinfo app show any satellites?12:08
Guest68370I mean I just don't get a fix. In gpsinfo it shows e.g. 23 satellites but zero in use. In map applications my location is not found.12:11
Guest68370"Location" is on and I use "high precision" positioning12:13
Guest68370In the few cases when I get a fix, I lose the fix again when driving in my car, making map navigation useless.12:14
malwhich phone btw?12:20
malah, xa212:21
maldo you have mobile data enabled?12:21
malhmm, strange, during my testing some time ago I got fix very quickly with mobile data on, I can try again12:23
Guest68370I live 700 metres from Copenhagen Airport and I can't even get a fix standing outside on my balcony on the third floor!12:27
malthat doesn't sound at all normal12:28
mallocation itself should not matter much, only how open the area is should matter12:29
Guest68370maybe, I just thought that an area close to a major airport would somehow be very "gps sensitive". but it is very open on my balcony.12:31
Guest68370I got the fix now ...after 6 minutes ...12:35
malhmm, my xa2 also it not getting anything, although I'm indoors but usually at least have seen satellites12:36
malnow it finally sees some satellites12:39
Guest68370the fix I got before is already lost again12:40
malGuest68370: how did it work in 3.3.0?12:45
Guest68370a little bit better. it still took some time to get a fix but at least the fix was retained so I could use it for map navigation. it was never good even before, but now it is abysmal.12:47
mpolGuest68370: there were 1 or 2 topics on the new forum. Using Device Modus instead of High Precision should work better12:53
Guest68370mpol: I read those threads and also tried it, but then it made no difference. now, however, I tried it again and whaddaya know, I got a fix right away! let me try that for a while ;)13:00
attahAny ideas on debugging a hls stream playing in a QML MediaPlayer that just freezes after some minutes? journal log shows nothing, and GST_DEBUG=3 also gives nothing.13:31
attahlevel 4 won't start plying...13:31
attahOkay, now it wanted to run with debug level 4.... and the root cause seems to be "no such pad 'sink' in element "souphttpsrc2"" happening after a while14:01
Guest68370after an upgrade to .24 it has gone all cockeyed with the gps again ;(16:25
Guest68370it doesn't even show any satellites, neither with high precision nor device mode16:26
malwhat happens if you toggle gps off and on again16:34
Guest68370it makes no change ..16:37
attahGood enough?
Nico[m]When trying to install the sdk, I get the following error, when the installer tries to ssh into the (docker) build engine: "kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"20:28
Nico[m]The installer then opens a popup with the following message: "failed to intall component: org.merproject.mersdk4qtcreator:20:28
Nico[m]Failed to start the build engine."20:28
Nico[m]Anyone experienced that and knows how to solve it?20:29
hallynnot sure if this is a hardware or software issue.  sony experia x with sailfish x.  worked for a long time.  now, when i plug it in, i get the "insecure" warning, then a white screen that says google, then black screen22:55
hallyni can log into it as over usb, so it is working.22:55
hallynand clearly the screen is not totally broken.22:55
hallynit's running (i'm attempting an update right now using version --dup, though it's hanging at 0%)22:55
hallynhas anyone had this happen?22:56
hallynoh woot that seems to have done it23:04
hallynwhat is the command line way to see what new versions are available?  i don't see how to get that from 'ssu' cmomand23:06
malthe newer version is still in early access23:06
hallynwell is now installing.  b ut i still don't see how to get ssu to tell me what new versions are available23:23
hallynssu --help doesn't ... help23:23

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