Thursday, 2020-10-22

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anidelhi everyone, a while since last time I was here...and of course I come with an issue. Got an Xperia 10 on Sailfish OS at v3.3.0.21 (which I had installed via ssu and version --dup for a while whilst in the Cbeta group)09:09
anidelnow I can't seem to be able to upgrade to anymore.09:10
anidelI get an Error: Upgrade Distribution Not Available09:10
anidelis the cbeta device flavour still up? or do I need to switch to release?09:11
anidelAlso if I try to register again: ssu register, I get Proxy connection refused09:11
anidelany help would be GREATLY appreciated of course :)09:11
malanidel: are you trying to update manually using "ssu re" and then "version --dup"?09:18
anidelyes, as I have always done in the last year or so09:18
malhmm, wait09:19
malanidel: you have that .21 which was broken, please downgrade to first using ssu; zypper ref; zypper dup09:21
anidelah good one, let me try that.09:21
malthen try updating to 3.4.0 again09:21
anidelI'll let you know once the zypper commands finish09:22
anideldo you suggest a reboot after the zypper dup ? before re-attempting ssu re release etc ?09:23
anidelfigured...rebooting now09:25
anidelok now, trying ssu re and version --dup again09:27
anidelyes it is. Thanks very much for your help @mal !09:28
coderushi! any idea why build with sdk / mb2 does not fail if installed but unpackaged file found? or it does not check that?14:31
coderuswell, it does NOT log unpackaged files at all, seems this check si somehow disabled... any way to enable it manually?14:32
Nico[m]sfdk build outputs the following in my case: Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/deploy/installroot14:33
Nico[m]Looks like it is checking for unpackaged files?14:34
coderushm true, i have this line14:34
Nico[m]No idea, if the check isn't broken though :D14:35
coderusbut it does not check anything :D14:35
Nico[m]Well, it tried... Don't be so hard on it! ;p14:35
coderusi have unpackaged file i forgot to add to spec... moved from obs to git ci. obs was smarter :(14:35
mpolis there anyone still on and willing to check the full version of libicu66 ?  Just trying to help someone on the forum. I cannot find the download link to the rpm17:10
mpolerr, libicu-63 ofcourse17:11
mpolokay, got it :)17:17
attahThis printing stuff is really taking hold... :P
attahOr maybe this was a more appropriate link for that statement
Nico[m]Wait, is that browser thingy related to your printing stuff or unrelated?18:31
attahCompletely unrelated18:33
attahjust says printing, and will work well together18:33
Nico[m]Okay, makes sense, still awesome :D18:34
attahpoor trees18:34
attahSupposedly calligra that sailfish-office builds on can do that too... but in my experience it doesn't render well enough to be worth messing with18:38
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