Friday, 2020-10-23

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thigg[m]Nico: you were looking into an issue of me couple days ago regarding a callback loosing its scope in qml. Couldnt get it to work with signals easily either. But I tried really hard now and managed to create a proper closure.15:54
Nico[m]Well, that's good, I guess?15:55
Nico[m]gz for figuring it out :315:55
thigg[m]:) ty, yes its good15:55
thigg[m]but its really not looking nice:15:56
Nico[m]Oh god, what did you do xD15:57
thigg[m]thought the same :D15:57
thigg[m]I guess it would be better if the arrow syntax would be available, because that would actually create the closure directly...15:59
Nico[m]Well, sometimes you need ugly code .-.15:59
Nico[m]Yeah, arrow will probably come in 10 years, when we get Qt 5.12 or so15:59
thigg[m]its really not too much fun working with qt 5.616:00
Nico[m]I'm glad that my corner of code so far seems to not suck because of missing features, but I have a similar experience in Nheko, where we still need to support 5.10...16:00
thigg[m]5.9 would be enough btw ;) so only 9.5 years16:00
Nico[m]Oh, great :D16:00
Nico[m]Although I think the plan was to skip to 5.12 directly, since 5.9 is old too16:01
Nico[m]I wish we had OpenSSL 1.1 though16:02
thigg[m]I gonna use that frustration to try to get smth with rust going... ;)16:02
thigg[m]that would be an interesting language to choose from16:02
Nico[m]Good luck :316:03
Nico[m]But neat that Sailfish has some rust support now16:03
thigg[m]but thanks again for your support :)16:04
Nico[m]Well, in the end you figured it out, I didn't do much ;p16:06
thigg[m]sometimes you just need people to share your problems with ;)16:06
Nico[m]Or a rubber duck :316:07
thigg[m]mh also nice. So you were slightly more useful than a rubber duck, because you answered.16:07
Nico[m](I have like 5)16:07
Nico[m]Thanks :D16:10
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