Saturday, 2020-10-24

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ggabrielo/ so, been reading
ggabrielis qsTrId() the only method advised or is qsTr() equally possible? I'm wondering whether there maybe be performance implications. Also, I think there is a typo (qtTrId vs qsTrId)09:23
rinigus1ggabriel: qsTr works as well.09:38
TominqsTr(Id) for QML and qtTr(Id) for C++09:38
ggabrielTomin: ah, thanks09:41
ggabrielrinigus1: yeah, I know it works, was basically wondering if it was omitted in the wiki for a good reason or just omitted09:41
ggabrielerm... s/wiki/sfos docs/09:42
rinigus1ggabriel: don't know whether it was omitted on purpose09:43
ggabrielcool, thanks, I'll keep playing then :)09:43
Nico[m]Hm, I just use qsTr() in qml and tr() in C++ :310:07
attahI noticed UBports is doing a bi-weekly live Q&A steam... wonder if the community meeting could do with a millenialization to attract more interest...18:56
attahPersonally i don't have a strong preference to either... but perhaps it would help18:56
gmchmm, i can't get anywhere with the responseXML property of an XMLHttpRequest in QML-embedded javascripts, any tips for dealing with xml data in QML-embedded javascript?19:34
thigg[m]attah: also saw it. It also looks very good if you look into the blok, that there is a bi-wwekly Q&A post. Maybe it would be an option to place the minutes of the meetings more visible.21:17
thigg[m]*blog... :D21:17

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