Sunday, 2020-10-25

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MalinuxSo I tried to remove aliendalvik control prior to upgrade to from storeman from 3.3.X. Didn't seem to uninstall as it still installed. Tried to reboot phone, and then my phone belives it is upgraded to So to try to make the phone work normal and ugprade as intended I further tried: ssu release then version --dup Then I get this error:
malmaybe you had the broken version of aliendalvik control which wouldn't uninstall properly or something like that20:24
maldoes "ssu lr" work?20:25
MalinuxThen I get this output
Malinuxwhat do you suggest I am doing now? I am not sure how I can try to restart the upgrade process etc20:42
malthat looks normal at least20:46
maldoes "zypper ref" and then "zypper dup" do anything?20:47
Malinuxbash: zypper: command not found20:47
Malinuxmaybe I misspelled something?20:48
malno, zypper is not installed by default20:48
Malinuxdoubt I can install it now, though I could try20:48
Malinuxnope: >Failed to contact PackageKit: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PackageKit: Failed to activate service 'org.freedesktop.PackageKit': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)20:49
Malinuxand this is the ouput from systemctl status packekit20:51
malyes, that looks like broken installation, it failed in the middle of update, can you find the rpms on the device somewhere?20:52
Malinuxwhere should they be located?20:53
malhopefully there is cache of those still20:53
malcheck under /var for example20:53
mallike this: find /var -name '*.rpm'20:54
Malinuxit found this packages:
malnot many there20:55
maltry searching whole root20:55
malfind / -name '*.rpm'20:55
Malinuxfound more now
malhmm, no libzypp of packagekit there20:57
Malinuxif I need them, is there a way to wget them or another way to download them manually from the repo?20:58
malwas it normal release you updated from?20:58
malor some other20:59
MalinuxIt was from the last 3.3 release . I can't remember the last numbers20:59
Malinuxlike regular normal release yes20:59
Malinuxdo you know if this is an approach that is still suported?
Malinuxthough, if packagekit is missing I guess it won't catch up after a reboot anyways?21:01
malI will see if those files can be downloaded manually, if not I can share those probably21:02
Malinuxokey, thanks :)21:02
malI hope just libzypp would be enough to get packagekit up again21:03
Malinuxhopefully yes :)21:03
malMalinux: try: curl -O
maland then use something like rpm -U that.rpm21:14
Malinuxit says the package is already installed21:14
malhmm, wait21:16
malMalinux: curl -O
malMalinux: you could also try rpm -U --force that.rpm21:19
Malinuxyeah, it complaains about Failed dependencies. You want a paste of it as well I guess?21:20
Malinuxstill complains about dependencies with force flag, as I would expect it to do, but I tried anyways21:21
malMalinux: curl -O
malMalinux: also curl -O
Malinuxheh, more dependeccies xD
Malinuxah, okey, i'll try that one as well21:22
malMalinux: install those at the same time21:22
malall 321:22
malso just add all 3 rpms as parameters to rpm -U21:23
Malinuxso rpm -U package1 package2 package3 ?21:23
Malinuxas far as I can see, they all three installed successfully.21:26
malany different with packagekit now?21:28
Malinuxnow I stopped, then started the packagekit service again. according to systemctl status it does run now21:28
MalinuxI can try the version --dup again and see21:28
malhopefully it works now21:28
Malinuxseems not likely. pastebin when it is finished with it's attempts21:29
malsame error or something else?21:30
Malinuxa little different. It doesn't complain about packagekit anymore21:30
malsomething about ssu?21:30
Malinuxyeah, I think so21:31
Malinuxat least some url's mentioning ssu21:31
Malinuxlike non attached medium21:31
malok, just a moment21:32
malcurl -O
malcurl -O
malMalinux: get those and install at the same time like before21:35
malhmm, just try version --dup now21:38
Malinuxoh, it says Refreshing and the percentage increases21:38
Malinuxholy molly xD21:38
malmagic :)21:39
Malinuxyes :p21:39
malwell not really, I have done similar things before21:39
MalinuxHopefully that means it works. And your help is much appreaciated21:39
Malinuxso you're a wizard?21:39
Malinuxjust kidding :p xD21:39
malno, I do work at jolla so I know a thing or two about how to fix things :)21:40
Malinuxah, cool :)21:41
Malinuxhm, the first package it is downloading now is aliendalvis-system
Malinuxthough I am happy it does download stuff21:42
mallet me know how it works after that21:46
malhopefully the aliendalvik control package is not causing problems anymore21:46
Malinuxyeah, I keep you updated with hoe it goes :)21:47
Malinuxmal: The aliendalvik-control is still struggeling to uninstall That said, I don't have the last version of it installed22:50
malMalinux: try installing newer version or something23:04
Malinuxhm, it says: package aliendalvik-control-9.3.1-1.armv7hl is already installed23:07
Malinuxso the installer tries to install the version that is not installed?23:07
Malinuxcould I just  try rpm -e aliendalvik-control perhaps?23:09
Malinuxmultiple packages23:10
maluse rpm -e --no-scripts aliendalvik-control23:17
Malinuxrpm: --no-scripts: unknown option23:20
Malinuxseemls like it's --noscripts23:20
malyes, sorry23:20
maleasy to make typos this late23:21
Malinuxyeah :) np23:22
Malinuxthe command I think completed withouth complaining23:22
Malinuxso, I should perhaps try version --dup again?23:22
Malinuxthat's what I am doing now at least :p23:23
Malinuxit continued with upgrading. afik it's not the same packages as when it stopped, so I assume it just catches up23:26
MalinuxI know it's on my own risk to reboot, but I don't know if there is something I should investigate further before a reboot?23:31
MalinuxI'll give it a try23:37
malit seems to say update was finished without errors23:41
Malinuxyeah And after the reboot,things seems to work as intended. Tank you very much for helping me<323:47
Malinuxcan't hear audio in phone calls though23:49
malwhich device is that?23:51
mallooks like xa223:51
maltry rebooting23:52
Malinuxxa2 dual sim works after reboot xD23:53
Malinux thanks23:57

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