Thursday, 2020-10-29

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KabouikHey flypig, just curious, did anyone show interest in the internal issue you've raised about video-out on phones that have the required hardware for it?10:00
KabouikMaruOS is a very good illustration of what it could be, because it allows having a mobile OS (Android) *and* a desktop distribution with a desktop WM thanks to LXC containers:
KabouikPretty much what we have working in SFOS currently already, except we can't video-out so we don't have so-called convergence.10:02
KabouikConvergence is getting more and more attention every day and more and more OSes try to support it. With LXC containers, you push it even further because you can have the mobile WM and the desktop WM running side by side, you're not stuck with a mobile UI on a monitor as with Phosh for instance.10:03
Kabouik(Phosh has other advantages of course, but I would never use it to replace a PC, I need a true desktop WM).10:03
flypigKabouik, thanks for the reminder. I' sold on the idea as you know (I'd love it for myself) but I can't give you any info about Sailfish support I'm afraid.11:37
flypigMy recollection is that this is now supported on Sony devices, and if it makes it into the Open Devices release (maybe it already did?) then that might make it easier to implement on SFOS.11:39
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KabouikUnderstood Flypig, thanks for your answer. My fingers hurt of too much crossing. I hope it'll be a thing one day, could be a good selling point for SailfishOS one day.20:35
KabouikImagine (1), (2), (3)
KabouikThose two monitors are tied with daisy chaining, so the usb-c cable actually allows triple-monitor, and keyboard/mouse.20:37
KabouikI'll check if hdmi-out is a thing in the late open Sony devices, good advice.20:38

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