Sunday, 2020-11-01

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spiiroinattah: afaik nemo thumbnailer works only with local files. a quick peek at sources: the only place that actually starts image processing accepts only local files. ref:
attahspiiroin: thanks! That makes it crystal clear.11:15
attahA pity really... but Qt seems to be caching images well enough anyway, just not the scaled version perhaps.11:16
attahqnd i'm not sure it would really help with the second part of what i wanted; not changing what is visible until a new image is actually available.11:16
ggabrielo/ so, I'm trying to build an RPM with mb2, which fails in "./configure: Permission denied", called from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.something - I think that said file gets deleted, leaving me with no idea where the problem is. Is there a way to tell mb2 to not delete such things?15:13 least debugging power cuts is easier :/15:30
ggabrielto answer my own question: it appears I can't build from a vboxsf, ah well, fun times16:19
IngvixIs there a working solution for gapps on xperia 10 with latest sfos and dalvik version20:31

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