Monday, 2020-11-02

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KabouikI'm trying to connect a camera on a device with USB OTG but the Android application doesn't see it. Is OTG not supported in Alien Dalvik?08:27
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dcalisteHello pvuorela, I think is due to a Silica bug.11:03
dcalisteWe're using non visible MenuItems, and they are not used when the dialog page to choose from are created because there is a && child.visible condition in the ComboBoxController.11:04
dcalisteBut then, in the _updateCurrent function, the && child.visible condition is not used when iterating over children.11:05
dcalisteI think we should emit a "full" index in the dialog page created by the controller and not a model index in the onClicked handler.11:05
dcalisteI've a patch ready to discuss of this, but I have only READ access to the silica repo. pvuorela, may I ask a WRITE access to push my merge request ?11:06
dcalisteThank you in advance.11:06
ggabrielwhen installing rpm's in the mer sdk, specifically the i486 target, should one be worried about the warning of "permission denied in /etc/"?11:21
thigg[m]Are systemd timers allowed in harbour? Is there anything sailfish specific I need to know?16:05
fledermausthigg[m]: I don;t know why they wouldn't be, but I've never looked.16:20
fledermaustry it?16:20
thigg[m]fledermaus: I will16:48
bionade24Does anyone know why the sailfish browser shows X11 as comopositor in its user agent?17:45
fledermausproabbly to stay compatible with some stupid browser fingerprinting toolkit17:50
bionade24fledermaus: It's not like there are many Smartphones running X11.19:31
SmarWell, less identifying info is always better19:34
bionade24I use Wayland everywhere20:09
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