Friday, 2020-11-06

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WikiwideWhy do VPN settings on Sailfish OS not work? If I start #openconnect -vu username server/domain from command line (inside devel-su), it works just fine.02:48
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WikiwideIf I set up the same thing in Settings->VPN, it flickers all the time (Idle->Connecting...->Problem with connection)03:02
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gmchmm, `sfdk tools list` just sits there doing nothing...12:31
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gmcugh.. i changed 'Version' to 0 in the rpm yaml file, which resulted in a very ugly version, even though I am on a tag and no local changes etc..e tc.. so i changed it back to a fixed version, ie '0.4', but sfdk keeps using the git-based ugly version :(18:40
Nico[m]Maybe change the version in the spec file too?18:41
gmcIt was changed by qtcreator automatically, it is also set to 0.418:41
gmcodd thing, when I build from qtcreator, it uses the correct version.. but when building with sfdk i get 0.4+master.20201106184050.8062e3b18:42
Nico[m]Hm, maybe wipe the build folders?18:42
gmcdid that too, no effect18:42
Nico[m]But the 0.4+master one sounds fairly reasonable18:42
Nico[m]Do you have local changes or are you exactly on the tag?18:43
gmcnot really... it should be 0.4-118:43
gmcthe '+master.2020etc' should only apply when HEAD or the local workdir is not the same as the 0.4 tag (which it is not in this case)18:43
gmc also claims I should get '0.4', not the suffix18:44
Nico[m]I think the master stuff is added, when the working directory is dirty, isn't it?18:44
Nico[m]At least I did have it too once18:45
gmcwell yes, that is one case where it should be added.. but the work dir is not dirty in my current case18:46
gmcit would also be added if you have a tag (say 0.4) and then some untagged commits on top of that18:46
gmc(which is also not the case)18:46
gmcweird, in the host system, is clean in git, but in the build vm, the permissions are different...19:32
gmcoh, apparently that is a known issue ...19:33

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