Saturday, 2020-11-07

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forvelinhey, does sfos support xperia 10 II ?09:17
x2sforvelin: what device ID does it have?09:33
x2sHave a look at the "Device models supported by Sailfish X09:33
x2s(and I hate it when newlines are copied)09:33
x2s.oO( found the anchor! ;)09:34
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forvelinthanks !11:41
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attahpatoll: Could you share a link to the commit you alluded to for Xperia 10 II?14:43
attahnvm.. i should just have applied proper google-fu. I found  the seine and kumano stuff14:49
ThaodanKumano is Xperia one but shares 95% of the infrastructure14:50
Thaodanits just another SOC14:50
Thaodan*is Xperia 114:50
attahYes, i gathered as much... thanks for chiming in none the less though14:50
ThaodanJust commenting because that is my port^^14:51
attahgood work, happy to see it happening :)14:51
ThaodanIt was just a bit early :D14:54
attahMaybe my Devember this year should be to finally learn how to contribute to porting efforts...14:54
ThaodanJust look what you can do even small bits and pieces help14:54
patollOK I am late but I see you found it 😉16:31
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attahThis hadk stuff is really taking a toll on me with my millennial attention span - links back and forth between pdf and wiki, addendums, omissions is quite easy to get lost in.... but i think i'm getting close to building a regular Xperia 10 port now16:45
malhave you followed the oher xperia 10 instructions?16:46
Thaodanattah: If you want you can look into my hadk-tools I have compiled the list of instructions in simple subscripts16:47
attahmal: that's the one i'm trying now16:48
attahthis is the first time i'm past messing with the environment and pulling sources... small wins i guess16:49
attahThaodan: noted, thanks16:51
ThaodanYou can start looking here[1]. Just avoid the the tama specific file that is loaded with depend (to handle verity).16:53
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