Saturday, 2020-11-14

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Tekk_Is there a guide somewhere for porting/packaging apps without using the sailfish IDE? I'm trying to build a friend's go program and package it up if possible.06:01
ThaodanTekk_:  You can use sfdk06:04
Thaodanwhich is like a wrapper around calling mb2 in the regular sdk/qtcreator06:04
ThaodanOr you can use the platform sdk06:04
ThaodanI use the platform sdk and hadk.env or mb2 directly on Arch (not recommended, here be dragons)06:05
Tekk_Platform sdk looks like the heir to the old maemo chroot based system?06:06
Thaodanyes but that is the one that is used for hadk so you just reuse that06:07
ThaodanIts a bit simpler if you want to stick to command line and don't want to install the whole sdk06:07
Tekk_I already have the sdk, I was poking at it a bit. Trying to figure out how much work is involved in a vaguely modern go will be fun.06:08
Tekk_And if Wayland is too old.06:08
ThaodanI don't like the VM or docker but if you want to use either one of the sdk just is just fine.06:09
ThaodanRunning lipstick nested under way would be nice for the future thou.06:09
Tekk_Especially if I'm testing a graphical program06:10
ThaodanYes thats true06:11
ThaodanBut as its go I don't so say anything good^^06:11
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