Friday, 2020-11-13

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gmcso, what are app developers doing re testing? is there something to do end-to-end testing of sailfish apps?11:55
ViGegmc: Have you already through the stuff that was mentioned during the meeting on August 21st?
ViGealready read through11:59
gmcViGe: i haven't actually, thanks!14:39
Tekk_I was just reminded of this since the new phone came today: is there a way to migrate contact sources?18:30
Tekk_Like if I have contacts backed up via Google, can I tell Sailfish somehow to start backing them up into Nextcloud18:30
Nico[m]Restore the backup on the new device?18:30
Nico[m]Or use cloud contacts :D18:31
Tekk_I'm saying with cloud contact providers :D18:31
Nico[m]I think that part is difficult, since you need to remove the connection to the old cloud provider...18:31
Tekk_That's what I'd like to do.18:31
Nico[m]I did it once and it was painful18:32
Tekk_When I first set up nextcloud I thought I could set up both providers, wait for the contacts to sync to nextcloud, then remove Google18:32
Nico[m]It is probably easier to just import the contacts from google to nextcloud18:32
Tekk_but the contacts never synced to Nextcloud and removing Google remvoved the contacts.18:32
Nico[m]Yeah, that is somewhat expected behaviour to prevent duplicating contacts18:32
Tekk_Oh wait, I'm seeing my contacts in nextcloud. I think I already did it.18:35
Tekk_So either I'm impatient or the nextcloud support in SF doesn't like me.18:35
Nico[m]It was a bit finnicky for me at first18:36
Tekk_The People import contacts screen doesn't list nextcloud18:36
Tekk_Only Google and "without services"18:36
Nico[m]I think just adding the nextcloud account and enabling contacts should do18:36
Tekk_Ah yeah, it was just taking its time.18:37
Tekk_It's all good now.18:37
Tekk_Only thing I'm annoyed about now is that *apparently* sailfish doesn't default to saving photos on the SD card if it's available18:38
Tekk_Meaning that I lost all my pictures when my Xperia X died18:38
Nico[m]Mhm, that sucks.18:39
Tekk_Anyway, really glad the phone came today. I'm actually getting to sneak in something vaguely sailfish related at work next week :)18:39
Nico[m]Sounds interesting! Any details you want to share?18:44
Tekk_It's nothing too special. Next week is my company's twice-a-year hackathon (though spring got skipped this year iirc)18:45
Tekk_I'm trying to put together a pagerduty client in Python that I could then move to sailfish, that way I don't need to keep an android phone for when I'm on call18:46
Nico[m]Sounds like fun! :D18:46
Tekk_Also: it seems like at some point the fallback for email to just manually input the servers was removed. Any way around that?18:46
Tekk_My email servers don't match the domain in my email address so that keeps failing.18:46
Nico[m]There should be advanced settings in the pully18:47
Nico[m]You can enter your server addresses there18:47
Tekk_Ah yeah, I missed the "manual setup" button at the bottom. It'd be nice if it automatically offered that when it failed to log in18:47
Tekk_But oh well18:47
Nico[m]Open a bug report in the forum :318:47
Tekk_Ah no, seems like it's timing out regardless18:52
Tekk_Which is kinda weird..18:52
Tekk_Before I thought it was just timing out because it was trying to use the wrong domain.18:52
Nico[m]Maybe your mail server is down?19:00
Tekk_Works fine on my laptop. That's something I can track down later.19:00
Tekk_Now I've got another one. All sorts of fun stuff since I haven't set up a sailfish phone since....2018 I think.19:00
Tekk_What are people using for their android app notifications these days? The old one in openrepos from 2019 seems to be broken now.19:01
Tekk_Fails due to a lack of cutes-js.19:01
Nico[m]I don't use android notifications, but I think they work out of the box?19:01
Tekk_Certainly not for Discord.19:01
Nico[m]Well, don't use discord! Or use it via my matrix client, that is horribly incomplete! :D19:02
Tekk_Oh if I could ditch discord I'd *love* to, but everyone uses it :(19:02
Tekk_I dislike matrix for other reasons and am *greatly* annoyed that there are no omemo-capable xmpp clients on Sailfish. That's perhaps a thing to play with another time. Feels kinda redundant to make a sailfish xmpp client when it's embedded in messages though.19:03
Nico[m]I said the same about telegram, steam chat, whatsapp, etc. Nowadays I just bridge it all to my matrix server :319:03
Nico[m]I did have a lot of trouble with xmpp, so I don't like using it :319:04
Tekk_matrix has consistently been awful for me.19:07
Tekk_xmpp's been fine.19:07
Nico[m]Well, if it works for you :D19:12
Tekk_Yeah, I had a whole thing on it. I know it's got some really major design flaws (matrix), there was some UI thing that caused problems too, though.19:15
Nico[m]Dunno about those design flaws. Sure, there are some parts that are not very polished, but every protocol has those and I'm working on fixing them one by one :319:16
Tekk_The biggest design flaw I know of is that you can't join a large group chat if you're on a small matrix instance (supposedly)19:17
Tekk_Which seems pretty fundamental to the protocol.19:18
Nico[m]Dendrite pretty much fixed that19:18
Nico[m]And conduit is even faster19:18
Tekk_Oh good19:18
Nico[m]The last major blocker is syncing the membership over federation and making Dendrite and Conduit stable for all federation stuff19:19
Nico[m]But my dendrite, that is in all large rooms, uses 1% CPU and less than 200mb RAM19:19
Tekk_Oh. Looks like some notifications are getting through.19:19
Nico[m](joining a large room the first time still takes a bit because it sends all membership events at once, but that will be fixed at some point and is not that bad usually)19:20
Nico[m](And mostly synapses fault)19:20
Tekk_Reboot fixed the email problem19:24
Tekk_Yeah. Seems like some android notifications get through bit others (discord) do not. Weird.19:58

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