Wednesday, 2020-11-18

Nico[m]It would be cool, if sailfish supported gestures on a touchpad like on the pinetab. 3 fingers for the various edge swipes for example01:03
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riniguspiggz: then you would have to check out src of wrapper components. I may have cut some corners with it05:14
Tekk_Seems like the only qt-qml binding only supports qt 5.9 :(05:19
Tekk_Least the license issue was resolved05:19
Tominhmm. I'm pretty sure I have installed Sailfish Application SDK on a recent Fedora07:49
TominI have compat-openssl10-1.0.2o-11.fc33.src.rpm installed though07:49
Tominerm. not that one, this compat-openssl10-1.0.2o-11.fc33.x86_6407:50
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abransonyeah they kept a 1.0 version hanging around for a long time for exactly this sort of reason. in fact I think the last version we used came from there.08:58
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piggzrinigus: heh, until now, i never knew of implicitHeight / width !!16:54
Tekk_hey, is the documentation for the silica drawer incorrect? I defined a drawer with a background of a list and then a label inside of the Drawer on its own but the Drawer never appears in my app.17:12
Tekk_At th etop there's something about it being deprecated (or a use of it being deprecated) so I'm not totally sure?17:13
riniguspiggz: such multiplatform support does allow you to learn something :)17:26
Tekk_I don't see anything in the logs about Drawers being unrecognized, at least.17:43
attahIs it possible to use a Silica ContextMenu on something that is not inside a ListView, like e.g. in a Column?19:24
Tekk_Hey, is there some rule to colors I don't understand? I've got a label whose text I want to change color on based on the thing being displayed (an urgent alert is in the error color for example). I tried putting {text: "foo"; color: Theme.highlightColor} into my model (for example) then setting color: color in the delegate, but the text ends up unthemed. If I directly do color: Theme.highlightColor in the delegate it works fine. Is it19:52
Tekk_not able to handle a level of indirection like that?19:52
Nico[m]You are probably reusing the same name19:53
Nico[m]Try model.color or modelData.color19:53
Tekk_Nico[m]: I went and renamed the property to textColor. color: textColor is unthemed but no errors. model.textColor says it can't assign a QJSValue to a color, modelData.textColor says modelData isn't defined19:57
Nico[m]The former sounds like it converts that to the wrong type19:58
Nico[m]I.e. you are constructing a js object, so that is not a colour and because of that it gets converted to null or so19:59
Nico[m]It may be better to store a bool or so in the js object and then do `color: model.highlight ? Theme.highlightColour : "red"` or so20:00
Tekk_I swear that didn't work earlier today but it does now, so I'm not complaining20:04
Nico[m]Probably because you used color instead of model.color20:05
Tekk_Nah. before it was color: important ? Theme.errorColor : Theme.highlightColor just like now pretty much20:21

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