Thursday, 2020-11-19

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lbtGood news: is finally available on community OBS. I had some issues with the old perl version there so sorry for the delay12:02
lbtSome people already spotted it and added to their builds - had to remove them to fix a minor problem so *now* you can build against it12:03
piggzrinigus: ^^13:54
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rinigusOSM Scout Server, Pure Maps, mimic are all available at OBS for 3.4 under and
rinigusno idea if it works, though20:24
gmcwasn't obs going to be discontinued or something?20:29
attahJolla backpedaled that slightly, to "when there is a replacement"20:30
rinigusI don't think they backpedaled it - they never said "we are going to pull the plug in xx days"20:31
gmcah ok, i missed that.. so this compiles packages for armv8 and i586?20:31
gmc(as opposed to armv7 and i486)20:31
rinigusattah: I think they always wanted to have replacement in place before switching it off20:31
rinigusgmc: that's in reality armv7/i486 - just some config issue (or feature)20:32
attahNot really meaning to say they didn't. But, it seemed they weren't completely in tune with all of the use cases that needed to replaced, and no replacement strategies were part of initial communication (or follow-ups)20:33
rinigusattah: that seems to be so, indeed20:38
attahSo seems like there aren't major reasons to worry currently, but those looking at independent replacements do deserve credit20:40
attahHmmm, maybe i should try and snag a Xperia 10 II tomorrow20:43
Nico[m]Is that supported?20:43
attahNo, not yet.20:44
Nico[m]I thought you had info I didn't have :D20:44
attahThere is specualtion of it becoming the next official port... and it has at least been added to the mer-hybris github20:44
Nico[m]I see20:45
Nico[m]I was hoping for the 5 II .-.20:45
attahbut there are several unofficial ones there20:45
Nico[m]But they are somewhat similar, afaik20:45
attahi think that too was there, let's check20:45
Nico[m]That would be awesome20:45
attahthe 10 II was forked from a community port of the 5 II20:45
Nico[m]Although event the 5 is quite a bit bigger than my current phone ._.20:47
attahI have huge hands... so i suffer less20:47
Nico[m]At least it is barely wider20:47
Nico[m]I have big hands, but I don't like big things in my hands :D20:48
Nico[m]I have a pinephone and I can't understand, how anyone can use such a giant20:48
attahHmm, seems it was the 1 that it was based on... can't seem to find the codename for 5 II20:48
Nico[m]What's the name for the 1?20:49
Nico[m]Ah, I have the wrong name list then :D20:50
attahmaybe the 5 is somehow under the same codename... idk20:50
attahAnyway.. the activity here looks promising (10 II)20:51
Nico[m]I guess that is why they are crunching :D20:52
Nico[m]Mhm, the 5 II is probably not supported yet20:55
Nico[m](in sony's open devices program)20:55

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