Friday, 2020-11-20

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Tekk_Maybe a stupid question: how do I install packages for my sb2 instnace? For example if I have a rust program in my sfossdk environment and I call "sb2 cargo build" it says cargo doesn't exist.04:23
Tekk_So I'm assuming it has to be installed into the sb within the sdk04:24
ViGeTekk_: The easy, and wrong, answer is that you use zypper. The correct answer is that you add the packages you need to your BuildRequires in your spec file.06:35
Tekk_ViGe: The correct long term answer is definitely defining it in the spec file, that's kind of inconvenient when you're just starting it and just want to make sure your dependencies build okay :)06:53
Tekk_I dropped into a scratchbox shell and didn't have sudo access, so zypper didn't work so well06:53
ViGeUse `sb2 -R -m sdk-install` to get to sb2 with root06:59
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rubdosIs it frowned upon to link against proprietary, undocumented Sailfish QML elements?18:41
rubdosI'm specifically talking about this:
rubdos(which I tested out today, and works wonderfully)18:41
rubdosSpecifically interested in whether Jolla would think I'm a bad guy, and whether those interfaces tend to be more-or-less stable18:41
Nico[m]rubdos: Well, it can break anytime, but I tend to do it as well :D22:02

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