Saturday, 2020-11-21

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rubdosNico[m]: and you push these to openrepos, then? What about harbour itself?08:44
Nico[m]Not in harbour because of it. But I can't anyway, since I actually need one disallowed API10:32
rubdosBut openrepos is okay then, I take it.11:18
rubdosWould you mind telling me what app it is, Nico[m] ? :P11:19
Nico[m]Konheko :311:19
rubdosAlso, I see many Matrix users in here, is it a public bridge? Can I join via Matrix?11:19
Nico[m]You can join any freenode room by joining #freenode_#channelname:matrix.org11:19
Nico[m]Also, funny, that you asked about my app, since it is a matrix client :D11:21
rubdosI know about Bluepill and Determinant11:23
* rubdos checks OR11:23
rubdosI have my own hosted IRC bridge, but I hoped that maybe it was a "real" matrix channel that was linked. Doesn't really matter though.11:24
rubdosEnlighten me, Nico[m], which is your Matrix client?11:26
rubdosBecause I try to follow them all :'-)11:26
Nico[m]Konheko, as I said above :311:29
Nico[m]And no, this is just using the IRC bridge :311:29
rubdosYour messages view is very nice12:19
rubdosI take that that's also ... borrowed ... from jolla-messages?12:19
rubdosBecause I want to do the same in Whisperfish :'-)12:19
Nico[m]Thanks, yes, it is, although it only reuses the rounded corner components. Apart from that it really just steals the design, but doesn't use other proprietary components12:20
* rubdos joins #konheko:neko.dev12:20
rubdosI might take a *very* close look at your code then :'-)12:21
Nico[m]Basically this is the component I use:
Nico[m]Still have some issues with the background not updating though12:32
rubdosIt's a bit sad that we all have to reinvent those components though. You, me, the other Matrix apps, WhatsApp apps, ...12:45
rubdos`BubbleBackground`, that's the Jolla undocumented thing?12:45
rubdosI'm gonna use it too then.12:46
rubdosIf you notice breakage, you tell me, if I notice breakage, I'll tell you. Deal? ;-)12:46
Nico[m]Sure :D12:47
antranigvis there a sailfish dev oriented channel?20:36
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attahantranigv: this is pretty much it... for apps at least, porting has its own channel20:48
antranigvattah: thanks!20:59
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