Sunday, 2020-11-22

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riniguspiggz: would you be interested in dbus API for pure maps navigation? So it could be used by smart watch to show upcoming maneuver, start/stop, remaining distance/time?07:48
rinigusAssuming that you would book it to smart watch somehow (write an app for it?). No idea how it works with those devices.07:50
rinigusSame applies to other smart watch interested devs out there, if we have any ^07:51
VerevkaHow do I add obs repo for my device?08:39
piggzrinigus: maybe ... the watches I deal with dont have "apps" as such and only display notifications09:08
piggzi could hook into your api, and send custom notifications though09:08
riniguspiggz: but can you interact with notifications? something like pressing buttons "Start" or "Stop"?09:09
rinigusI presume it would be handy while cycling, for example09:09
piggzthere is maybe something I can do ... not with the notifications, but i can detect button presses09:10
piggzrinigus: for the pinetime watch though, i could make an app for that09:10
piggzthen we are fulll open-source on the stack!09:10
rinigusOK, I will take it into the pipeline soonish and then you could test when you get time. it is relatively simple on my side. I guess would be "nice to have" full stack developed for summer 2021... for those who use these watches09:12
rubdosrinigus: abranson might be interested in the DBus for navigation. If they aren't, I am interested in getting it in Rockpool :'-)14:21
rinigusrubdos: great to know! I will try to make it before the next release14:21
rubdosNo pressure though, it's not like I need a GPS when confined to my home :'-)14:27

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