Thursday, 2020-12-03

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piggzrinigus: gm08:08
riniguspiggz: morning!08:14
piggzrinigus: im not sure how to read the properies ... using them as method calls doesnt work can you hint?08:15
riniguspiggz: sure, just a sec08:18
riniguspiggz: on QDBusInterface use property method. as in
piggzrinigus: and what was that way ot testing/ebugging?08:25
riniguspiggz: depends on who you ask. for cardiac activity - going out and running. for faster development - pure maps preferences/development/set position to the map center. after that, just move the map on the screen08:27
piggzrinigus: hmm, not working09:23
riniguspiggz: bit more details ...09:30
piggzlater, ill run dbus-monitor on it09:30
piggzcode all returns false/empty strings.09:31
piggzbool reply = iface->property("running").toBool();09:31
piggz    qDebug() << reply;09:31
riniguspiggz: later is good - prefer to focus on work. re test - try to qDebug << iface->property("running");09:36
piggzrinigus: figured it out .... it only works if pure-maps is running before my daemon10:15
piggzi guess it parses the properties if pure-maps is running10:16
riniguspiggz: you can follow dbus to see when pure maps appears/disappears and then create the tracker object accordingly. I think I have the code somewhere which is tracking dbus10:36
piggzrinigus: im already doing that ... i have a dbus watcher waiting for the service10:36
piggzthat hows i do it with my daemon10:36
riniguspiggz: nice - then you are on the right track :)10:37
piggzrinigus: that part of the code works ... when puremaps loads, it sees that and connects to the signals ... which also work .... not sure why the properties dont!10:40
riniguspiggz: but when do you create `iface`? after pure maps service is available?11:43
piggzrinigus: right, back to it!16:59
piggz(me i mean!)16:59
riniguspiggz: good luck!18:20
piggzrinigus: well, im not having any so far! dont know why it works when pure-maps is running first!18:21
riniguspiggz: not much I can help you with, sorry.18:37
piggzrinigus: maybe you could build me a puremaps that does the dbus stuff the same way I do ;)18:39
piggzor, i could do a minimum poc showing the issue and you could sue that totest?18:40
rinigus(fighting with urge to say that my way is right)18:40
riniguspiggz: should be simple to build though.18:40
rinigus10 min18:40
riniguspiggz: no luck, couldn't make it work in a short hack. which is a bit odd...18:55
rinigusfor some reason it kills all dbus service if I do it your way. as I am in the middle of sfos release for tama, I'd better continue with that18:56
riniguspiggz: ^18:56
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piggzrinigus: here is testcase showing issue
riniguspiggz: thanks, I'll take a look19:36
attahHmm, i think this is the 4th time i have bought a Sony Xperia device before there are images readily available... that's is bound to fail sooner or later19:40
riniguspiggz: I know the issue21:08
piggzrinigus: is it mine or yours?21:08
riniguspiggz: mine21:09
piggzyay \o/21:09
piggzso, <cough> my way was right </cough>21:09
rinigusPure Maps registers first the service on dbus and then bit later adds navigation component. as a result, your watcher tries to register interface while it is not fully there21:10
rinigusso, completely different and unrelated to the registration way (your or mine), just timing21:10
Nico[m]attah: What did you buy?21:11
attahXperia 10 II (:21:11
rinigusfew comments more: move all connect statements to constructor.21:12
Nico[m]Well, that one sounds like a pretty safe bet21:12
piggzrinigus: that did occur to me21:12
riniguspiggz: they will work without service too and automagically connect on appearance of the signal21:12
Nico[m]I would like to have Sailfish on something smaller, maybe the 5 II21:12
riniguspiggz: as for the bug: sleep(3) works on desktop in the beginning of connectDaemon21:13
riniguspiggz: you could use it for now and I can look into the ways of fixing it in pure maps meanwhile.21:15
rinigusso, while you test the rest, I can release an update21:15
piggzrinigus: i wonder21:16
piggzif i add the dealy, i may be able to to the connects properly like in the rest of my code21:16
rinigussleep was as unix sleep, 3 seconds21:16
attahNico[m]: But there is no size diff?21:16
attah+/-1mm basically21:17
Nico[m]I thought the 10 was more like the 1 in size21:17
riniguspiggz: but I would have to generate tama images first (will need to script a bit) - so pure maps fix is expected next week, I think21:17
attah5 II: 158 x 68 x 8 mm  10 II: 157 x 69 x 8,2 mm21:18
piggzrinigus: sure21:18
Nico[m]Yeah, seems like you are right ._.21:18
Nico[m]I was hoping the 5 was smaller :D21:18
Nico[m]I guess the 10 is not even that much wider than my X compact21:19
Nico[m]I'll need to do a test fit at some point :321:19
attahI think this smaller-craze is just a myth... people are getting upset for like 4mm21:20
Nico[m]Well, the PinePhone is really uncomfortable to hold21:21
attah(the diff between e.g. X Compact and X, or J1 and XA2)21:21
Nico[m]The X compact still feels a bit big21:21
Nico[m]I liked the N9 in size and shape :321:21
Nico[m]Maybe the bottom corners were a bit sharp21:21
attahYeah.. that design is amazing21:21
attahbut honestly too small, at least for me21:22
Nico[m]Nah, it's pretty much the right size for me21:22
attahbut i confess, i have big hands21:23
riniguspiggz: issue opened and I added it into my TODO21:23
Nico[m]Well, my hands are on the larger side, but I just don't like having to change the grip on the phone to reach the other side or even the top21:24
piggzrinigus: thats better ... normal connect syntax working now, and21:40
piggz[D] DeviceInterface::navigationNarrativeChanged:564 - void DeviceInterface::navigationNarrativeChanged(const QString&, const QString&) "flag" "Preparing to start navigation"21:40
riniguspiggz: nice!21:48
piggzrinigus: nearly implemented it all for huami watches21:48
riniguspiggz: send the photos later, please21:50
piggzrinigus: for huami it wont look cool .. just regular notigications21:52
piggzrinigus: fun will be on pine time21:52
piggzrinigus: actually, im wondering if i should do multiple implementations for huami .. on the bip and bands, it would just be a notification .. but on the gts/gtr, i could repurpose the music app maybe21:56
Nico[m]Oh, I'm interested in the PineTime version! :D21:58
piggzwell, the pinetime version is me writing a full app for the pinetime first!22:13
Nico[m]Well, sounds like this will take some effort... So I can use it next week? ;p22:14

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