Friday, 2020-12-04

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riniguspiggz: ambitious :)06:39
piggzrinigus: yes and no ... i wrote the music app ... i imaging the nav app will be some icons and some text controlled by a bla characteristic much the same way09:14
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antranigvHey all, I want to build WireGuard for SFOS and package it as well. any idea if 1) someone is working on it, so we can join resources 2) there a guide on how to package it and publish on repoman?16:33
antranigvsorry I've been using SFOS for a month and I'm kind of a n00b.16:34
ggabrielwon't you need a relatively recent kernel for that?16:35
antranigvnow that's where I'm lost, I don't know if I can compile a kernel module on SFOS, if not, then I'll package the userland implementation written in Go.16:36
antranigvggabriel, any idea if there's a way to extend connman ?16:40
ggabrielantranigv: no clue tbh, my experience with connman is tiny if not non existent16:57

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