Saturday, 2020-12-05

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antranigvany devs around?05:55
antranigvI want to cross-compile (or native compile) a Go app, in this case, wireguard-go05:56
antranigvbut I have no idea how to install Go on Sailfish05:56
antranigvany tip would be nice.05:56
antranigvanyone can help me package couple of files and serve on openrepos? :)07:45
antranigvI just patched wireguard-go07:46
antranigvand wg07:46
antranigvand wg-quick07:46
Nico[m]Did you figure out how to build go stuff for Sailfish?10:42
antranigvNico[m], yes!13:13
antranigvanyone can help me do the packaging?13:13
antranigvI assume I have to write a .spec file13:14
Nico[m]Yep, usually you have to do that. If you use the Sailfish IDE, it can generate a hello world project for you and you can start modifying it from there13:21
antranigvno IDE here (using FreeBSD). so I think I'll go manually13:22
Nico[m]I think you have an easier time playing around with that first and then asking somewhat specific questions, but if you have any questions, just ask them here. Someone will answer them at some point13:22
Nico[m]<antranigv "no IDE here (using FreeBSD). so "> Oh, that will be painful13:23
antranigvNico[m], point to documentation? xD13:23
antranigvNico[m], <313:26
Nico[m]Hm, can't find the one for non-qt apps atm sadly ._.13:28
Nico[m]Most of them use the SDK though. You may be able to get away with docker, or if that is not an option locally, docker in gitlab-ci or so13:29
Nico[m]Offtopic, but this is quite fun:
Nico[m]I guess Qt5 is the latest major version, but I think that leaves out some important info. Also, Qt6 is getting closer now. ;p13:34
ggabrielwell, it isn't incorrect to say that qt5 is the latest major version14:48
ggabrieljava 1 is also the latest major version of java, and so on14:49
ggabrielupgrading qt has always been contentious (same with gcc)14:49
Nico[m]Yep, agreed15:32
Nico[m]But that's why I thought it was kinda funny to read, as it is technically correct, even though the Qt version can be such a heated topic :315:33
ggabrielagree, there's a bit of marketing there15:41
ggabrielwhich is ok, we need lots of marketing tbh15:41
Nico[m]Yeah, it reads really nicely :315:43
Nico[m]My topic for the next meeting could also work well as marketing :315:44
ggabrielI'll try to get my backside out of bed and attend ;)15:44
Nico[m]Oh, I'm scared I'll oversleep too :D15:49

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