Sunday, 2020-12-06

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piggzrinigus: im going to change route progress to the volume bar i think ... the huami phones allow setting the song progress, but also increment it itself if no update is received from the controller16:40
riniguspiggz: not sure you need progress on the watch. could be confusing to have it replacing volume, I guess16:40
antranigvI still don't understand how to package it properly so it would be built for all sailfish versions and not just Xperia 10 / Armhl.17:21
antranigvIf anyone is interested, I packaged WireGuard for Sailfish OS:
antranigvAlso: if there's anyone from Jolla, how can I integrate it with ConnMan's UI in Setting?21:59
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x2sUh, nice, thanks!22:15
fridlHi :-) At the moment I try to play around developing a little sailfish app. Sorry if the question may be dump, but I not yet got familiar to QML ;-) I want to make a pageStack.push from a SilicaListView (that works) and attach a parameter from the ListElement of the ListModel.23:30
fridlIs there a way to do that and then for example display that parameter (e.g. a string) on the next page?23:31

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