Monday, 2020-12-07

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Nico[m]fridl: The second argument of pageStack.push is some context, which you can use as a top level property for your pushed page:
Nico[m]antranigv: Awesome stuff!08:31
fridlThanks, Nico. Is then this how you access this context then?
Nico[m]Well, yes, but it could also be a `property string room`08:45
Nico[m]In this case I'm just aliasing it to the listview model08:45
fridlYeah, I think I get it. Will play around a little. Thanks!08:46
Nico[m]Have fun :308:54
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Displacerhello, is bluez 5.55 update planned for new os update? avrcp for 5.54 is broken16:10
antranigvNico[m], thanks!16:27
antranigvFolks, is there any documentation regarding devel-su? can I use it as sudo alternative?16:27
Nico[m]Yes, it should be somewhat usable as a sudo alternative16:28
Nico[m]Regarding wg, did you see on the forum?16:28
fridlI have another question regarding my little app project :-) I got the basic Ideas about how to navigate around and display stuff in qml. Fine so far. Now I want of course to display things differently based on a xml file. I once wrote a parser in Python for that xml format. But the python parser uses urllib3. So I cant use it with "harbour" apps, right?16:34
Nico[m]You can bundle urllib3 with your app16:35
Nico[m]Or publish on openrepos16:35
fridlIs there somehow a useful lib to pars xml in qt? urllib results in a somehow useful structure where you can easily iterate threw elements and search for "subelements". Probably it is not to complex to reimplement the parser if there are some xml tools.16:39
Nico[m] maybe?16:40
Nico[m]Depending on what you want to do16:40
pketoparsing xml with urllib?16:41
fridlI want to check for example this file for a specific 'locRef' and present the according information in a nice way:
fridlpketo: ok, probably I named it wrong, but it can return a Xml as 'element tree' which is easy to progress. At least for me ;-)16:45
Nico[m]Well, Qt has an Xml parser, but no qml api for it, I think16:46
Nico[m]Not sure, if it is available in python16:46
pketothe element tree api is part of the python standard library16:48
pketoI guess urllib3 just feeds the response content through that?16:50
fridlYeah, I think you are right.16:51
pketoso if you drop urllib3 and fetch the content with the python standard urllib, then it should be fine, few extra steps but shouldn't be too difficult16:53
fridli'll check that out. Thanks for the Idea and help to both of you!16:56
antranigvNico[m], I just saw it, thanks! will respond there.17:06

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