Wednesday, 2020-12-09

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gmchi folks, i'm trying to figure out what's generating empty notifications every x minutes all day long, waking up the screen.. i get this log line:08:33
gmcDec 09 09:32:12 XperiaXA2 mce[2379]: tklock.c: tklock_dbus_notification_end_cb(): notification end from name=:1.60 owner=:1.60 pid=5037 uid=100000 gid=996 priv=1 cmd=/usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch -plugin evdevkeyboard:keym08:34
gmchow do i relate that to a specific source?08:34
gmcoh doh.. there's a pid in there, nm :)08:34
gmchmm no, the pid is just lipstick08:34
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spiiroingmc: if you are lucky, there might be ngfd events associated with those notifications -> event names might provide some glues. tracing those would be something like: dbus-monitor --system,member=Play13:37
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