Thursday, 2020-12-10

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attahHaha, nooope - a 22MB svg is a no-go on a phone apparently (:19:52
Nico[m]What did you do? o.o20:01
attahTrying to get some decent map material for my weather radar app20:02
Nico[m]Hm, I don't see the issue there, unless you redownload that every time :320:03
attahjust rendering it takes ages...20:03
Nico[m]Ah, that happens :320:03
attahbut i'm looking to ship it with the app, so distribution is less terrible20:04
attahcompressed it is a bit under half, so almost good in that regard20:04
Nico[m]Yeah, there are interesting ways to compress SVGs :320:05
attahcoordinates are rounded to 2 decimals and the svg isn't particularly chatty, so i guess it compresses worse than average20:06
attahthe raw data with basically just double-precision floats stacked together is 18 megs20:07
Nico[m]Yeah, that does not sound very compressible20:08
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attahA "GRAYA" PNG scaled to 0.002 is 1.5MB... could work...20:11
attahnevermind, that's not enough resolution20:13
Nico[m]Vamos ala GRAYA20:14
attahheh... well, i want to paint it in ambience colors, so grayscale+alpha is all i need20:18
Nico[m]Does the SVG still have colours?20:18
attahit has whatever i tell it to20:19
Nico[m]Hm, so that does not help either? :320:19
attahcurrently controlled with css, although i'd need to inline that to work with Qt20:19
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