Friday, 2020-12-11

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dcalisteHello pvuorela, may I ask you something about sailjail-permissions ? Currently there is no pernission file to use the secret daemon, so the signing of email is failing. I would like to correct this but would appreciate some guidance, if you or rainemak has some time. Thank you.08:47
dcalisteThere is a socket named /run/user/100000/sailfishsecretsd-p2pSocket-agent. I think that it is used to dialog via DBus with the daemon.08:49
dcalisteWhat is the right way to authorize communication over this socket ?08:50
dcalisteWould it be like in Email.permission with a whitelist, or is it better to allow the DBus address ?08:51
dcalisteBecause in secret library, the DBus talk is a private implementation. We're using C++ API that internally use DBus to talk to the daemon.08:52
dcalisteIn addition, for email signature, it's the gpgme implementation that will start a pinentry program (/usr/bin/pinentry) that will itself talk to the secret daemon.08:53
dcalisteAll in all, I don't know much what to put in a new Secret.permission file to achieve this.08:54
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fridlOnce again I have an app development question :-) (But with the last answers at least I was able to publish my app, yeah ;-) ) Is there a easy or recommended or 'default' path to get e.g. a label changed on the cover from any other page in QML. As I don't use any C++ parts in my app yet, I would love to use a QML-Only way...12:43
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attahfridl: re communicating between app and cover... i tend to throw those thing sin to the ApplicationWindow, as it is the common ancestor17:39
fridl@attah So you define there a property var in the App Windows and access it from there or do you use signals for that? Do you eventually an example in a GitHub repo you can point me to?17:42
attahI think i do both of those... let me check17:42
fridlcool, thanks!17:43
attahGets stuff from
attahSo a simple attribute looks to work just fine17:44
fridlCool! Thank you! I'll check the examples. My app lacks a nice cover, but SailfishApps really deserve those ;-)17:44
attahindeed they do17:45
* attah feels embarrassed over SeaPrint's cover17:45
Nico[m]Same :D17:45
fridl@attah Cool, that works. Once again so much more easy than i expected. Haha.18:02
attahthings usually are easy when properly understood (no promises on that in this case though)18:04
fridl@attah that is true for sure, but the path can be painful and with many detours. Thanks for showing the way ;-)18:07
ochernolooking for recommendation on swipe keyboard library21:10
ochernowell.. I mean app21:10
ochernohave mixing experience with OKboard21:11
Nico[m]I think MagicKeyboard works alright21:11
Nico[m]Ah, maybe it was OKboard21:11
ochernooccasionally freezes when using with droid/WhatsApp21:13
Nico[m]Hm, that should be fixable, did you report that issue?21:14
ochernonot yet ...21:15
Nico[m]That may be easier than looking for a new keyboard :321:17
ochernosure... tahnks21:19
Nico[m]Nothing to thank me, I certainly did not solve your issue .-.21:24

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