Wednesday, 2020-12-16

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riniguspiggz: nice! No news regarding Ubuntu?06:20
piggzrinigus: not yet ... but i have some users on manjaro .. and im also getting sent a pinebook pro for "porting" :D08:13
riniguspiggz: quite some porting enterprise you are running over there! Great that you work on native ports08:36
piggzrinigus: strange issue ... none of my comboboxes work on sailfish ... they work on kirigami. on sailfish, it just sort of dims the screen when clicked ... you had that?11:20
piggzrinigus: ah, on sailfish, it doesnt like my usage of ListModel11:43
riniguspiggz: good that you found the cause12:04
piggzrinigus: ive ended up changing the ComboBoxPL for silica to work with a real model, gonna be easier that hacking around it!15:26
riniguspiggz: nice, please upstream that17:34
piggzDylanVanAssche_: pls steal my commits ;)17:34
piggzrinigus: just fixing up the last page that isnt working with silica before i merge brance again17:36
piggzrinigus: 1.8.0 release tagged and building on obs with initial support for navigation20:46
riniguspiggz: just released pure maps with dbus fix as well. Great timing!21:08
piggzrinigus: oh, i should remove the 3 second delay then21:09

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