Thursday, 2020-12-17

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oldbati just installed sailfish os to my Volla phone , i really really love but i can't find a lot of my apps i'm used to for my work17:52
oldbatlike teams , whats app (unfortunately)17:52
oldbatand is there a better phone for Sailfish os like new sony xperia ii17:53
bigbatwhat does the sailfish os missing on Volla phone please19:12
attahhow do you mean?19:14
bigbati got volla phone , i flashed sailfish os19:15
bigbatbut i think it's missing apps or somthing19:15
bigbatby the way 1st time ever to use sailfish and i'm in love19:15
attahWell, you won't get any of the licensed stuff on there at least19:15
bigbati like it soo much i'm trying to find the most advanced phone19:16
attahas in Android support, predictive text input ans Outlook sync19:16
bigbatthat sad19:16
bigbatand thats make me want to buy the fasted phone i can get to start using the sailfish os19:16
Nico[m]Is it that slow for you?19:17
bigbatbut if i'm not understanding wrong my best bet is xperia 10 plus19:17
bigbatcoming from flagship phone with all animation turned off19:17
bigbatmakes every thing little slow19:17
bigbatbut i mostly want the newest best phone to use it with so i can find it new and with big screen19:18
bigbati use my phone for everything19:18
bigbatis there anything better or more modern than xperia 10 plus19:19
attahNo, not yet19:20
attah10 II is likely the next supported one19:20
bigbatthat amazing news for me19:20
bigbatwhen will this be confirmed19:21
attahbut i don't think there is something particularly high-end in the pipe, but can't know for sure19:21
bigbat10 II19:22
bigbatwould be more than enough for me19:22
attahGuessing/hoping any day now, or early january...19:22
attahthought it would have already happened, but it hasn't19:22
bigbatok perfect will start looking for the phone so i can ad it to my shopping cart19:22
Nico[m]Yeah, I think official release of 4.0 was planned earlier, but takes a bit longer than expected :319:23
bigbatthat would be great19:24
nekron10 ii is a nice device much better than 10 i imho19:24
attahI ordered a 10 II two weeks ago, but the store is being slow... but with no announcement i haven't tried other sources19:25
bigbatis this the right channel to report error on sailfish os on Volla19:25
attahAnd i even think the regular 10 is just fine, apart from bending19:25
nekron+ buttons better haptics + screen oled and equal.margins top / bottom19:26
nekronyea.. ordered it a few weeks ago at amazon for a temp. reduced price19:26
attahbigbat: i'm thinking #sailfishos-porters is better for that, but perhaps better yet whatever official github or forum thread might exist19:26
nekronbut then it went out of stock19:27
bigbathow can i add adblock to the browser19:28
nekronattah: 10 i is fine, too19:28
attahi think the best way is to put in a hosts file... not 100%, but pretty good19:28
bigbat1o i is just old and deficult to find and good condition19:28
bigbat10II looks really beautiful19:29
attahthe waterproofing and extra ram is what appeals to me most19:30
bigbati would loved it to be xperia 1 II19:30
bigbati lover bigger screens19:30
nekronbigbat: github activity points to seine plattform which is 10 ii19:31
bigbati hope there is a plus version19:36
bigbatif not i  might just get the 10 i plus19:40
bigbatit got more ram also19:40
attahHmm, weird segmentation indeed19:41
attahthe 10 II has a faster CPU then the 10 Plus it seems, but not as much ram19:42
bigbatyeah and screen size is smaller19:42
bigbati think it's a away to sell more 1 ii19:42
bigbatis there adblock for the browser please ?20:32
attahbigbat: i already answered that... use a hosts file20:32
bigbatsorry i must not seen it may i ask you please what do you mean by hosts file20:33
bigbati'm average joe when it comes to tech20:33
attahit's basically a file for local definition/override of addresses - so blackholing known ad hosts makes ads not load20:35
attahI believe i followed this:
bigbatperfect thanks alot20:35
attahand the "become root" command is devel-su, not su-devel as the answer says20:36
bigbatwill do thanks again :D20:37
attahnot perfect adblocking, and obviously no smart content blocking... but i'd say 90%20:38
bigbat90 is very good for me20:39
bigbatbtw can oneplus phones be used with sailfish20:39
bigbatthey use very nice hardware materials and very nice sceens20:40
attahlooks like thre are community ports for some... so same disclaimers as the Volla applies20:40
bigbatand do you have any problem with browsers as on volla it seems it freeze a  lot20:41
bigbati will just get sony 10 plus and i hope its better and faster than volla20:41
attahare you on 3.3 or 3.4?20:42
attahseems we get browser updates every release now... and now it is pretty good, with more to come in 4.020:43
attahmaybe i'm used to how bad it used to be... but imo we are back to more than good enough now20:45
bigbati think maybe because of the Volla phone20:46
attahsome heavy sites will still be pretty bad20:46
bigbati will try to look for other browser20:47
bigbatcan i ?20:48
attahWithout Android suport, i guess your only option for something better is Angelfish through Flatpak20:49
attahnot sure if that is supported there... but probably...20:50
bigbati must get that sony faster then20:50
bigbatwill start looking for one20:50
attahif you are used to Android flagships, maybe it will never be enough20:51
attahbut i never felt my S9 i have for work was much faster...20:51
bigbaton volla it's not so slow20:55
bigbatit's very acceptable compared to iphone20:56
bigbatit's just i'm used to no animation at all20:56
bigbatand some times it's not too bad to slow down a little20:56
bigbatright now i have to choose better processor or more ram :D20:57
bigbatsony choices are not easy i just which saifish os will include oneplus they make very nice phones and not very expensive the 6T is a favorite for me20:58
bigbatbefore the all glass backs fo wireless charging20:58
bigbatgraphene OS using pixel phones so it must portable21:00
bigbatmust be821:00
bigbatmust be*21:00

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