Friday, 2020-12-18

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oldbatis there sailfish launcher that can make my wife samsung looks like sailfish06:44
oldbatand for experts here i have to make a buying decision shall i get experia 10 plus for more ram or experia 10 ii for oled and better processor which will give better experience06:53
santhoshm@oldbat Launcher is a very old one and I am not sure whether it will work even if apk is somehow obtained07:53
santhoshm@oldbat, regarding phone, xperia 10 II isn't yet supported officially. You should wait for few months on getting more info on the official support.07:54
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oldbatmay i ask  please if microsft team and whats app works on sailfish os14:20
Nico[m]Whatsapp works on official ports, that have access to the android compatibility layer14:21
oldbatany idea about microsoft teams14:22
Nico[m]No, never used that14:22
oldbatit works on Graphene and can't remeber that other one14:23
oldbatcurrently using Graphene but got bored from it's super focus on security only not user experience as well14:24
attahwoop woop! SeaPrint turns 1 year today.18:06
LinuxTermI think this is cool18:12
LinuxTermnext phone I get18:12
LinuxTermI will probably want to get sailfishos on it18:13
LinuxTermwhich phone would work the best at or under 400$18:13
attahI'd wait a few weeks and get the Xperia 10 II, which is very likely the next supported device18:15
LinuxTermabout how much would that cost18:16
attahshould sit right at $40018:16
LinuxTermhow well does android app emulation work18:16
LinuxTermI don't really care about app compatibility that much18:17
attahPretty well with a few caveats18:17
LinuxTermsince I don't use a lot of apps18:17
attahlike no fancy bluetooth usage from the Android side18:17
LinuxTermso is it an emulator of android or a compatibility layer for the apks18:22
attahnot entirely read up on all the technicaldetails, but i'd call it compatibility layer18:23
attahunderneath SFOS there is basically a Android-flavor Linux kernel, and in a LXC container, there is enough of actual Android to have apps running alongside each other18:24
attahthen there are some hooks in and out of that to make it integrate pretty nicely18:25
ramdeepwhich would be more important to prioritize  when choosing a phone for sailfish os more ram or processor power18:58

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