Saturday, 2020-12-19

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LinuxTermthe icon design of sailfishos seems weird to me14:53
LinuxTermit is very inconsistant14:53
Nico[m]Which icons?14:53
LinuxTermthey all have different shapes14:54
ggabrielLinuxTerm: for example?14:59
* ggabriel took a very strong effort to avoid cynicism there14:59
bigbatjoining you guys soon just found xperia 10 plus15:49
bigbatflashing soon15:50
bigbatmay i ask what maps application do you guys use15:50
Nico[m]Pure Maps with OSM Scout server15:51
bigbatgreat would here maps work or google maps15:52
Nico[m]There used to be a native here maps version for Sailfish, but I haven't used that one in ages. Google Maps needs you to setup MicroG, which is annoying and I have never tried GMaps on Sailfish15:53
bigbatsounds like fun learning curve15:53
bigbatcan i ask you for a favor please15:54
bigbatmay i ask you please to try to download whats app15:54
bigbati mean microsoft teams15:54
bigbati think you told me whats app works yesterday15:54
Nico[m]I have an older Sailfish version, with a different android compat layer, so my results wouldn't even help you much15:55
bigbatsorry i'm not a dev i just came for the graphics15:56
Nico[m]No worries ;p15:56
Nico[m]I really am just too lazy to try it atm actually :315:56
pketowhatsapp works, haven't tried teams, but I think it should work15:56
Max-Might1What is the proper way to use the 'sfdk build-shell' command? I always get an error when I try to use it ... says a target is needed15:59
Nico[m]You need to sfdk config target= before that15:59
bigbathow i do that15:59
Max-Might1Nico[m]: that did it, thanks!16:01
Nico[m]It trips me up every time, because the sdk randomely forgets my target :D16:01
bigbatis saildfish os considered linux16:53
bigbatmy friend send me a link and i don't know how to ask about it in a positive way16:53
bigbati don't want to look like i'm saying negative things16:53
bigbatbut i'm worried i bout the sony phone already and was about to flash tomorrow16:54
bigbathere you go can someone please help me (im no tech guy)16:55
x2sit's more Linux than Android for sure...17:02
bigbatthis guy claim all linux phone are not secured17:03
x2sIn which way secured?17:05
bigbatno idea17:05
bigbatthat why i was looking for help :D17:05
x2sIf you really need a secure phone, librem is your choice.17:05
bigbati'm average joe just looking for fun phone17:06
bigbatbrowser with no adds17:06
x2sBut all the other phones, well... most of them are embedded linux devices. Means they have a Linux kernel on it. But nobody really cares about updates and patches17:06
bigbatand if used onlinr banking safe enough17:07
x2sthe problem with embedded Linux is: Some vendor takes some weird ARM processor core, throws it onto an IC with lots of different stuff, then writes some linux kernel code to get everything to run17:07
x2sbut they use old kernels, never care about getting their patches into mainline kernel und also make upgrading a hell.17:07
x2sthe security of phones comes mainly from the way they are disconnected from the internet...17:08
x2sso a direct attack is pretty hard. But you still can use techniques like sending malformated messages, trying to exploit bugs in the browser, etc.17:09
x2sbut that are apps and they get updated much better.17:09
bigbati see17:10
x2sif it would be possible to directly access a phone over the internet, the whole system would break. :D17:11
Gestra"security" is such a vague term by itself here. it's hard to talk about it if it's not defined more clearly. like, secure against what or who?17:11
x2sLuckily we are short of IPv4 addresses and ever provider has to use NAT.17:11
x2sGestra: agreed17:12
x2s*every provider17:12
x2s(and even when everyone eventuelly switches to IPv6, they will still use NAT. ;)17:12
bigbatok i will go a head with that flash then17:13
bigbati really hope the sony 10 would be faster than volla17:13
bigbatwith android support defenilty will be more usefull as daily phone17:14
martonmiklosHi folks22:57
martonmikloshow can I get command line output from the transferengine plugins?22:57
martonmiklosqWarning/qDebug does not visible when I launch the jolla-contacts from command line22:58
martonmiklosis there any debugging best practice for transferengine plugins22:58

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