Sunday, 2020-12-20

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oldbathello i need help14:35
oldbattrying to install fastboot to flash sailfish14:35
oldbateverytime i get14:35
oldbat sudo apt-get install android-tools-fastbootReading package lists... DoneBuilding dependency tree       Reading state information... DoneE: Unable to locate package android-tools-fastboot14:35
oldbatusing ubuntu as os14:36
newuseri just flashed sailfish to xperia 10 plus15:40
newuseri can't find the apps that i insalled like fdroid15:40
newuserand store to download what's app15:40
newuseri can't see them i see only unistall for fdroid for example15:42
newuseri cant see store15:44
newuserhow do you guys update the apps16:17
xenial-userforgetting to start android support, then maybe a reboot will help now16:23
newuserwill do16:26
newuseri like the software16:26
newusercan i speed animation up a little16:26
newusercan i speed animation up a little?16:26
newuserbe right back16:27
bigbatany guide on how to speed animations in the OS20:48
bigbatand is there any way we can add double tap to wake screen20:53
Nico[m]double tap to wake exists, but it is not supported on all devices for some reason I forgot20:54
bigbati have 10 plus20:55
bigbatdo you know if it's supported on it20:58
bigbati bought 10 plus yesterday thinking that this the flagship for sailfish20:59
bigbatis using aurora21:42
bigbatstore better than store21:43
Nico[m]No, it is usually best to use actual Sailfish apps from the Jolla store or openrepos/Storeman21:44
bigbatand is all of the developers there trusted ( sorry still new )21:46
bigbator i have to be extra careful21:46
Nico[m]No, there is not really a system to check for trust. Jolla store should be fine, openrepos so far has been fine. But after a short while you know, which devs to trust. Not sure how to list them though without pinging them :D21:47
bigbatmay i ask you please what is openrepos21:49
Nico[m]It is an easy way to host repos without going through store review21:50
Nico[m]Some applications can't land on the store, since they use private APIs to implement overlays etc21:50
Nico[m]There also used to be a patch there for animation speed and such for example21:51
bigbatthank you very much for your help and support21:51
bigbati would love to speed it up21:51
Nico[m]No worries, we are a small community, so we have to help each other out :321:51
bigbatcoming from android with animation complete turned off21:52
bigbati think i would appreciate it21:52

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