Monday, 2020-12-21

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rubdosIs there a meta-package that I can `Requires` in my RPM spec to require a minimum SailfishOS version12:59
rubdoshello bigbat :-)13:00
bigbatsorry for asking a lot since yester13:00
bigbatmay i ask please how to lock the phone again after i flash sailfish os13:00
bigbateverytime i restart i get this open lock image that drives me crazy13:01
bigbatwhat is the best way to learn  more about sailfish and utilizing it14:23
rubdosI've answered my own question by now (Requires sailfish-version >= 3.3)14:29
rubdosbigbat: I don't know about the scary boot logo, I've lived with it for  now myself.14:29
rubdosI can tell you about learning about Sailfish though: join the forum, join the discussions, follow the new releases on OpenRepos14:30
rubdos(just reading what is in the works is useful already, you don't have to use anything at all there)14:30
rubdosBeing here also helps, and there are many developers that have their own Matrix/IRC channel for their app(s) (including myself).14:31
bigbatoh nice14:33
bigbatwhat is your app14:33
rubdosWhisperfish, the Signal client14:36
rubdosWe're still in alpha-stages right now, but it's getting nice and functional :-)14:37
rubdosfeel free to visit #whisperfish here, or on Matrix.14:37
bigbatnice , i will go download that i wanted to start using signal insted of whatsapp ( i really hate how popular it is and every one is using it )14:37
rubdosFWIW, it's not on the Jolla store (it's on OpenRepos though), and it may or may not blow up your house. Don't tell me I didn't warn you :-14:40
bigbat:') :') :')14:42
rubdosMy initial goal was to have a first good beta around new years, but it'll be half januari now.14:43
bigbati hope you manage to do it14:44
bigbatfull function14:45
rubdosWe're getting there14:48
rubdosin fact, if you haven't installed it yet, I could tag alpha.6 for you, then you get a fix of an annoying bug14:48
vilpanrubdos: a while ago I read a discussion about a fork of Signal, LibreSignal. The developers of Signal did not want any third-party clients using their infrastructure. I wonder what's your approach - do you intend your client to only be used against other server instances or has the position of Signal developers changed in the meantime?15:55
rubdosWe assume the position of Moxie et al. to have changed on this matter. They silently tolerate us.16:52
rubdosWe very explicitely set our user agent to "Whisperfish alpha", which makes them free to block us at any given notice.16:53
rubdosThey stopped complaining, and I've sought explicit feedback from them on it and they ignore it at this point.16:53
rubdosI asumme they can live with our presence vilpan !16:53
rubdosassume, that is :-)16:53
rubdosin fact, my build on openrepos directly contacts the OWS servers.16:54
vilpanrubdos: glad to hear that. I could understand they're unwillingness to accept other clients on their servers. But Moxie's statements that interoperable protocols/federation are dead seem as strange to me as they seemed when I first read it. I guess our experience differs and/or they are thinking about a very specific set of use case for their service.17:03
vilpanNever mind, good luck with your work on Whisperfish. ;)17:03
rubdosYes, I understand that too, but it excludes quite some people that influence their user influx17:30
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