Tuesday, 2020-12-22

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baldeaglewhen is the next update12:45
baldeagleand what to expect12:45
Max-Might1Does anyone know where can I find the publicly-available parts of Silica?12:54
baldeaglewhen is the next sail fish os19:17
baldeagleup date and where i can i read about what changes are they targetting19:17
baldeaglehave anyone tried using proton mail on sailfish os19:26
Nico[m]The next release will come, when it is ready19:28
Nico[m]You can try looking at the changes on gitlab/github to guess, what will be coming19:28
baldeaglethanks will ty to do that19:31
baldeaglebtw why can't oneplus phoes be used officially19:35
baldeaglethey make nice phones19:36
Nico[m]They are not very open about their hardware probably?19:37
baldeaglethats so pad i like thhe 6t the last one without glass back19:38
baldeagleut are using them19:38
baldeaglebut after sailfish i can't go back19:39
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