Saturday, 2021-01-02

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attahkarry_: just the guy i have a question for! (:14:49
attahSince you have some experience with map presentation... assume i have a map in svg format that is some 20-30MB, and a few 10s of K-pixels in each direction native resolution. just purring it in as an image makes a phone choke pretty bad... any ideas in what backend i could/should use?14:53
piggzattah: ping15:41
attahpiggz: pong15:46
attahman, i'm slow15:46
piggzattah: so am i atm, covid recovery! ........ i had an issue with seaprint ... when i selected an photo, and hte printer, i can pull the top menu to print ... but, if i change the paper size, I can no longer pull the menu down, any idea?15:47
attahouch... but at least it is recovery...15:48
attahpiggz: not really... that sounds super weird, as there is nothing messing with the pulley menu15:48
attahcan please post logs?15:48
piggzcan try, i think i tried running from terminal and didnt notice anything15:51
attahI had one such report in the store comments too... so i tried with ippserver, and switching to A4 from Letter... and was unable to reproduce15:52
attahBut i just got back home now, so i'll boot up a printer or two15:52
riniguspiggz: get well!15:54
piggzta ... ive got a hell of a cough!15:55
piggzi find it best if i sit still, which doesnt nescessarily work best for everyone  else :D15:55
attahhmm... i have it reproducing with one of my printers, super weird!15:56
piggzattah: great, im sure youll fix soon then!15:57
attaheeeeh.... don't be so sure15:57
attahlogs are clean as you said15:58
karry_@attah Hi. To your SVG question, I have just basic experience with QSvgRenderer...15:58
karry_When you want to render just part of the image, viewBox should be set I guess15:58
karry_But I would guess that backend have to load whole xml anyway, and it will be slow with any backend15:58
attahkarry_: hello :) yeah, that sounded appealing, but i'm thinking performance wouldn't be enough for pan and zoom15:59
attahso was thinking you map people might have some inspiration15:59
attahpiggz: and there is nothing that can disable it
attahseems it happens when i put up the dialog page for "many papersizes"16:01
attaheven cancel breaks the pulley16:01
karry_with pan and zoom, you may prepare tiles with part of SVG image in different thread and then use these tiles in UI thread...16:01
attahand i guess cache them too...16:02
attahso where do i go dig for pan and zoom across multiple images?16:02
krnlyngpiggz, get well!16:05
piggzkrnlyng: thx!16:06
piggz4 more days of isolation, xmas holday sucks!16:06
karry_attah - well, I may just guid you thru osmscout library, but it is higly specialised rendering of map tiles in Meercator projection...16:15
karry_Qt binding sources:
attahI'll take a look, but indeed, it sounds a bit like overkill16:15
attahAnd i'll be using metric SWEREF99 coordinates :P16:16
attahso already normalized to a plane16:17
karry_MapWidget is map QML component, it is handling touch gestures by hepers in InputHandler... TiledMapRenderer then paints tiles and prepare them in background thread...16:18
karry_btw, did you tried WebView?16:24
attah"Note that this heuristic will be incorrect if there are only non-visible children in the menu, such as an empty Repeater." FFFFFFUUUUUUUU16:24
karry_attah - another place for inspiration:
attahkarry_: thanks!16:28
attahpiggz: bug squashed... i just really want to find out why the default onClicked still triggers even if it is overridden... but maybe that is how it is supposed to work?16:36
piggzattah: great, commit?16:38
attahokay, i'll push it and then maybe improve on it before release16:38
attahhmmmm... so one would think the else {} was redundant then... but apparently not16:47
attahreally odd16:47
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Peter_Hello i'm Peter from Hungary23:00
Peter_I returned to Sfos again with an XA2 and really want to leave the Android , but keep the paying with nfc23:02
Peter_and my mobilepay bank application drop me a.'general error' message when try to register (that's an Android app )23:04
Peter_Anybody can help me? i'm a linux beginner23:05
malI think android app support doesn't currently support nfc23:15
Peter_Thanks the answer mal. So no any solution to pay with a SFOS phpne here in Hungary?23:31

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