Sunday, 2021-01-03

malnot sure really, I will bring up the nfc support question and see if that could be implemented00:16
Peter_Thank you mal, I would be realy happy :)00:23
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pcfefridlmue: same pcfe as in forum.sailfishos.org19:15
pcfedo ignore my IRC cloak, I am on this channel in a purely non-work fashion. The cloak is set up so that when I help Fedora users in my spare time they can easily check if I know WTF I'm talking about.19:16
pcfebut I can not be asked to set up two IRC bouncers, way too many chat tools to follow already anyway ;-)19:17
duck33pcfe may i ask you something since you area a fedora expert please19:22
piggzdoes anyone know how to access the items of a delegatemodel ? so far i have model.items.get() ... but cant see how to get at the properties19:23
pcfeduck33: sure but let's not hog this SFOS channel for that. grab me on #fedora19:24
fridlmue@pcfe So you found the way from the forum, nice. It's not to much noise here, but questions seems to be answered fast if someone can answers :-)20:05

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